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World Cup 2018 : Which Are the Best Arabic Ads on Social Media ?

The advertising campaigns accompanying the World Cup always add up flavor to the overall ambience.

Many international and local brands, on their turn, put a great deal of interest and investment to ads to join the competitive spirit of the game in the Arab World.

Let’s go through those ads, and see how successful they were in reaching out to fans in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

There are brands which are official partners and those which opt for the ambush marketing approach which is the fact of taking advantage of an event and build a marketing strategy on it without having partnership. If played smart, an ambush can turn the social media strategy into success.

Best Tunisian Ads based on Facebook KPIs:

In Tunisia for example, Ooredoo, the official partner prepared a commercial. On the other hand, Tunisie Telecom, Ooredoo’s rival, prepared also an ad video despite not being a partner.

Using Kpeiz, we made a comparison between the two ads’ statistics on Facebook: while Ooredoo’s ad had 21 736 likes and 680 comments, Tunisie Telecom’s went up to 77 609 likes and 6646 comments.

Tunisie Telecom’s ad is leading when it comes to the number of interactions: 128 725 with a soaring engagement rate: 8.666. Whereas Ooreedoo’s ad enticed 25 148 interaction and an engagement rate reaching 0.940.

“Ya Roussia Jayin” The Tunisie Telecom’s ad won two prizes on the African and MENA level at the African Cristal Festival, and the Mena Cristal Festival. And, many Facebook users from Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia shared the video mentioning that “Ya Roussia Jayin” would be the song that will mark this World Cup. Many Russians also liked the reproduction of Kalinka in the Tunisian dialect.

Best Pan Arab Ads based on Facebook KPIs:

Apart from different types of ads in social media in the 4 Arab participant countries Coca Cola, made an original move!

Jason Derulo, who sung the official anthem of the world cup 2018, made a song with a singer from each of the participant countries. Here’s for example the song he made in Morocco with Douzi:

Best Egyptian World Cup Ads based on social Media Interaction:

The promise of a reward has been strongly present among the world cup adverts. KIA for example used it to mobilize its football fans community in Egypt:

Kick-off your test drive and win 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ tickets at the final whistle. https://goo.gl/LQyfLq #KiaHandsOn #WorldCup Publiée par Kia Motors Egypt sur mardi 20 mars 2018

Hyundai, chose another advertising formula: fans in any country that is qualified to the World Cup would need to choose a winning slogan. Then, 30 winners would be announced.

صوتك هيوصلك لروسيا تفتكروا ايه اكتر شعار من دول يستحق يتحط على أتوبيس منتخبنا الوطني في روسيا؟ يلا ادخلوا على الرابط ده http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/games/be-there-with-hyundai/index.html علشان تختاروا أفضل شعار#وصل_صوتك_لروسيا Publiée par Hyundai Egypt sur jeudi 3 mai 2018

Vodafone made a smart combination between the world cup and Ramadan in its mega campaign. The commercial involved three defenders from the national Egyptian team alongside with other Egyptian celebrities rejoicing in a song.

اعلان ڤودافون رمضان 2018 هما دول نجوم رمضان السنة ديقوتهم مش بس انهم وصلونا .. قوتهم انهم قدروا يجمعوناكلنا معاهم في اللي جاياللي جاي أقوى #نجوم_رمضان Publiée par Vodafone Egypt sur jeudi 17 mai 2018

According to Kpeiz, the post has stimulated the largest number of interactions in May right after the launching of the campaign on Thursday:

All in all, the game is played in the field and on social media, don’t you think?

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