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Why do you desperately need a Digital game changer Tool?

The struggle is real. Being a social media manager has never been that challenging.

Algorithms keep changing constantly. Social media networks divert drastically preferring monetizing their networks and restricting organic growth.

Clients haven’t developed a firm grasp on how things should be done. Explaining the best practices or your tips and tricks to a client or a boss is daunting.

If you’re a social media manager, a community manager or a brand marketer, believe us you’re not alone.

And, believe us we are not your psychiatrist who keeps telling you you’re not the only one undergoing hardships.

But, we’ve been there and we can transcribe a remedy for some of your daily problems: a digital game changer tool!

It’s counterintuitive to still conduct your digital activities manually in 2020!

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a social media tool to your wishlist:

Keeping up with deadlines

Deadlines are a perpetual source of stress. You keep living this every month. Each time you think you cannot survive this nerve-racking situation. But, it gets worse with launching more products or winning more pitches or having special-occasion-laden months.

A game changer tool is the one that empowers you to meet your deadlines. And, deadlines are only met when your work process gets smoother and less time-consuming.

You know you can download your monthly report within seconds instead of investing hours to collect data.

You are also aware of how much time you waste when you’re crafting a strategy because you need to manually look for competitors and scrutinize their social media content.

You’re even more pissed off when you miss a trending post that goes virally but you were busy conducting other searches that day.

Saas products in general and social media analytics tools are designed for marketers to save them time and sell the benefits. If you feel we’re describing you above, it’s time to look for a suitable social media game changer.

Know the answers to every how

As marketers, we’re always haunted by a myriad of questions started by “how”. Here is a list of the questions you’re endeavoring every day to answer:

  • How can I ensure my social media content is received by the right audience?”

  • How can I ensure my social media content reaches my audience when they are ready to interact?”

  • “How can I adjust my content to suit my audience’s needs and interests?”

  • “How can I be sure what type of content resonates more with my audience?”

These samples are but a few of what burgeoning in your head. Your job is to figure it out. Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours. And, every question seems to unfold a long trial-and-error process.

To get the most out of your efforts, a digital game changer tool can offer you this. Your questions are partly answered by data. And, every decision is informed by your analytical skills compounded to the data collected for you.

Using a social media tool can save you a lot of time collecting, tracking and visualizing your data. You will be responsible only for taking the right decisions by correctly reading and interpreting what you have in your hands.

Get a “why” for every social media content decision

We know how much is difficult for marketers to explain things for their boss or client. Sometimes we can feel we are entering a courtroom whenever we head to a meeting. And, you need to plead competent and intelligent. This needs a brief backed up by evidence- just like in a courtroom.

The only difference we can see between phone calls and meetings in one hand and lawsuits in the hand is that your client most of the time doesn't hold enough evidence to prove his side.

Some of your contributors have no clue about how things function in the world of social media content marketing. Being prepared to answer their questions and inquiries is essential to gain their loyalty and help their brand to prosper.

Your strategy and case study has to be reinforced by data and metrics. Every step you’ve decided to take should have logos behind it.

You can seize this sense of logos when you use a digital game changer tool. Because no matter how unprepared you are, you can just click a button and grab your evidence.

These but a few of the perks of a digital game changer tool.

You can metamorphose from a desperate marketer who is endeavoring to prove their decisions to a happy marketer who is always prepared to gain the floor.

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