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Where do Lebanese Shop? Find out the Top 3 Hypermarkets in Lebanon on Social Media!

Well, Ramadan is almost here and we’re about to become food-oriented!

We tend to use our smartphones to find out about best recipes and which is the best place to go to spend less and have a better food quality.

Say no more, Social Media statistics tell a lot about the social echoes of some places among customers. So, there’s no better than Kpeiz to spot the top hypermarkets on social media. Read on to find out the most credible and loved places on Facebook to shop from!

Lebanon’s top ranked hypermarkets on Facebook based on the total number of fans:

Now, let’s talk numbers:

Carrefour Lebanon is on the top with a total number of fans reaching 551 315. The page seems to adopt the idea that in social media, photos are more attention-grabbing than status or links, so the page relies mostly on photos and on a lesser degree on videos and links.

Lebanon’s top ranked hypermarkets on Facebook based on reach and interaction per day/hour:

Kpeiz gives you access to the allotment of your posts along with their reach and interaction per day and per hour.

However, Spinneys comes second when it comes to the number of fans, it is the first when it comes to the interactions.

Let’s dig a bit deeper in this sense: if we compare the interactions’ progression of the two brands we get this:

Spinneys getting more reacts than Carrefour is logical because when you have more posts, you are more likely to encourage more reacts. While Spinneys posted 55 times, Carrefour had only 32 posts.

TSC Lebanon, on its turn comes 3rd if we take the number of fans into consideration and last when it comes to interaction because the page has been inactive lately. And Monoprix is the 3rd top interactive hypermarket with 8 posts during April.

The Takeaway on the metrics collected using KPEIZ's Market Insights:

What we can extract from the benchmark of Kpeiz is that the quality of posts is as important as quantity to build and maintain a solid reputation on social media. In so doing, this reputation would entice consumers to be more likely to prefer a hypermarket over another.

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