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We’re Convinced Now: Facebook Insights is infected by Corona !!

Marketers keep posting about wrong data and Facebook pages crush. They are not only complaining about Facebook’s latest bug, they are also freaking out as monthly report delivery reaches the deadline.

Everyone is taken by the panic caused by coronavirus sweeping spread. You’re probably one of them. Clutching your smartphone, you’ve been checking local news on social media and the latest posts related to the pandemic.

People are scared because Coronavirus attacks vital organs and starts off by paralyzing the immunity system. Fear is fueled by the ambiguity that engulfs the pandemic, its causes and cures.

The same is true of coronavirus and Facebook’s latest bug.

Facebook’s latest bug is a Corona Bug:

Facebook’s latest bug caused a general state of panic among marketers and brand owners. It hinders the most important tasks of any marketer: data tracking, predicting, analysing and reporting. Facebook bug freaks out brand owners by making them think they’re losing everything they worked hard to gain: likes and engagement rates.

Account managers here and there are living their worst nightmare: missing the deadline of monthly report delivery.

Brand owners are going through their scariest moments: losing the community they developed with a lot of dedication and perseverance.

While data is wrong, Facebook hasn’t yet responded to users request to get this explained or fixed. Developers are invading Facebook for developers looking for clear answers.

These comments date from the 25, February. And, they linger with no explanation or updates.

For more updates check the issue page.

Websites devoted to reporting the bugs haven’t noticed yet the symptoms of Corona Bug infection.

Users on the comment section keep reporting the loss of followers, low ads engagement rate and the escalating anger they feel.

The ambiguity about the bug and blind eye turned on it makes us wonder if Facebook is unable to fix the bug or it cannot track the causes of it.

A wonder that pushes us to call it “Corona bug”.

Corona bug is affecting our jobs as marketers and brand owners. Most importantly, it attacks our businesses. Your business and ours are at stake.

Luckily, we saved our business and we want to save yours.

How to recover from Facebook’s Corona Bug?

1- Create an account on KPEIZ for free with 30-day free trial.

2- Add your brand page(s) as a Brand Insights.

3- After adding your social accounts, check your insights.

4- If you encounter the same issue feel free to report us (contact@kpeiz.digital) to help you recover your insights.

This Corona Bug is not an isolated case. Bugs happen. But, assistance and maintenance should follow immediately to relieve users' worries. When you’re a marketer or a brand owner, fractions of a second matter. So, don’t rely mainly on your facebook dashboard and consider automating your facebook insights through a social media marketing tool.

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