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Want to kick your daily struggles A** ?

Being a digital marketer has its own perks. It brings a lot of worlds in just one job. But, it also has its own struggles. No one is aware about what you are going through on a daily basis. You’re just an admin of a facebook page or a team coordinator between the creatives and the technicals.

People keep asking you about your job and you struggle to make them understand what you really do. Ranging from crafting content strategy, email marketing, social media calendar to website optimization and conversion rate optimization, you have a lot of activities to conduct everyday that no one can grasp their complexities.

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1- Get people to share your content:

For a marketer, nothing can be more tiring and challenging than coming up with attention-grabbing content. You spend hours spying on your competition's social media content, understanding the needs and interests of your audience and laboring out content jam packed with what you deem value.

Yet whatever input you invest in the creation process, no one feels to share your posts. This can be so pissing if your KPIs rely heavily on shareability metrics.

But content creation is not for the faint-hearted. You need to dust off yourself and resume your attempts cleverly.

For this you need to grasp your social media content value without neglecting what happens in your sector. Using the right social media content analytics tools, you can save a huge amount of time and be more or less sure about your content value.

KPEIZ is one of these tools that can guide you towards the most challenging problems you deal with daily.

2- Keep up with Facebook’s changing algorithms

Outsmarting Facebook algorithms is the hardest part of your social media marketing tasks. Ranking factors keep changing in order to make the right social media content reach the right audience.

But, as too good to be true as it may seem, we can’t but cringe whenever Facebook announces new updates.

Updates mean more time to test and experiment with content and strategy. Calm down and track you social media data in real time.

3- Never Misspell a Word

A misspelled word equals an arsenal of grammar nazis taking over your comment section. And, it’s the worst nightmare. Nothing seems to annoy a marketer than a misspelled word. Sometimes, we blame human nature for it: not being able to stipulate proofreading habits. But, you can forget about grammar when you download some useful plugins on your Chrome browser.

Grammarly has its own free chrome extension to check grammar whenever you type, be it social media web apps or google docs.

4- Be your own graphic designer when you don’t find your creative buddy:

Sometimes you need to touch things you don’t have a clue about. Some changes on a visual or a quick and urgent social media post can be pain in the neck. Luckily, there are some free tools that can help you do the job perfectly. You don’t need to worry about the color palette nor the appropriate side of your facebook or instagram photo.

Canva has handy free templates with advanced features. Ranging from Instagram and Facebook to wordpress and LinkedIn, each platform has its own templates. You can easily find an eye-catching template and make your changes and adjustments smoothly. If you need to upload the visual immediately on social media, you can share it from Canva to Facebook or Instagram without leaving the platform.

5- Generate your monthly report in seconds:

Your daily struggle is even worsened when the end of the month approaches. Your data is scattered all over the platforms and you need to clear up your schedule to leave enough time for collecting data and jotting down comments.

Data speaks louder than anything else. Your client or collaborator needs their report generated at the end of every month. You, yerself, need your monthly report to measure your progress and the effectiveness of your content.

But, it seems to be an never-ending task. It’s as energy-draining as time-consuming.

The hours you spend to garner your energy and mental efforts to jot down the reports can be reduced to seconds. Can you imagine this? A life of a digital marketer without excel sheet and report generation?

Well, you can be one of these marketers when you invest in cost-effective tools that allow you to generate your report automatically and within seconds.

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