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This is why you Need to Focus on Your Content Video in 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, attach your seatbelts because we’re travelling to a new planet in our latest rocket.

This planet has been discovered recently and became one of the most important ones of the solar system.

I know you’re curious … so hold on tight, we’re about to take off 🚀

This new planet is called videos and visitors just adore it and they’re increasing every year.

But why? Why do they love it and what’s its story?

As the regular content,  content video has various types and the consumer’s favorite are: how to’s, sales videos and top 5

You may have noticed it for sure that something have changed and the old tricks don’t have the same effect because now all social media algorithms encourage marketers to increase their content video because video engages more people as it encourages sharing.

Now let’s talk numbers:

Only high percentages are present with content video as we can see 83% of businesses claim that videos provide good return on investment even though it’s not cheap to make them; yes they’re that effective.

55% of people are watching videos every day, and social media videos is generating up to 1200%more shares than texts and images combined.

You will have more chances and precisely 53 more chances to show up first on Google if you have videos in your website

People find videos an easier way to learn so the most engaging ones are about product features or a video explainer as 98% of users claim it.

If you are a visionary marketer, you will like these:

By 2020 videos will take over all of the place as it is going to be close to 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second. By 2021 Facebook predicts that their platform will be all videos. By 2022 online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

25% of companies publish content videos every week so hurry up and be one of the next 25% companies and join us in the other planet, the content quality is very important yes but the production quality is not as important. When you still don’t have the right material for videos don’t worry, what’s inside it is much more important.



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