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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide: Our 21 Essential Points for a Winning social media Perfor

Lately, the social web has been leaving the private sphere and gradually, but in wide strides delving into the public sphere, and assuming accordingly new functions, with professional timber: corporate blog posts, fan pages, prospecting; and so on.

It has become an essential part of each marketer’s job to guarantee its brand social visibility and align it with its global marketing strategy.

The ranges of instruments of expression and communication have become so vast during 2018 making the task seem complicated.

As a company offering a social media analysis and management software, we see it as a part of our mission to enlighten, advise, and simplify digital marketers’ lives.

This social media marketing guide will be your companion, either if you’ve just set your foot in the social media cosmos, facing up challenges, or if you’re seeking growth an aiming higher!

Basic Steps to Set Up Your Social Media Strategy!

If you’re new in the field of digital marketing, keep in mind that organization is your key to success and that randomness is the worst of your enemies.

Your stand needs to be elaborated on two axes

The more you add precision to your social media strategy, the better your results will be.

  1. Evaluate past performance

Before you hit the road, you need to know where you are. Kpeiz is your GPS in this sense.

Assessing your key indicators is: set your starting point by getting a report, this will help you identify the past strengths and weaknesses. In so doing, you can detect the spots of improvement. You need this data to orient your analytical thinking in a more potential-driven axis.

  1. Map your competitors!

Keep a sneaky eye on their performance (Kpeiz allows you to spot their best posts and to keep track of their performance on a daily basis).

Discern opportunities: where they fail and you can succeed, and spot areas where you can place improvement axes.

Benchmarking is the key to get all the data and identify the calls for change.

  1. Nurture your creativity 

You must be full of ideas once you’ve towered you competitors performances. But not enough; your objective is to outperform them.

Get inspired by going on websites of ideas, and start categorizing your thoughts according to themes and objectives.

  1. Set objectives and fix your action plan

Your objectives need to be neither easily achievable nor impossible to make. Challenge yourself by making attainable objectives.

According to this latter, you need to fix a solid action plan. Make sure your plan touches all the levels.

Strategizing is not an easy task, but relying on the right tools will make it easier for you Good luck and may the statistics be with you!

Pick the appropriate editorial Voice:

  1. Offer service!

A large majority of internet users go on google to get answers, and that’s where/when you should pop up!

Your blog posts shouldn’t be always promotional (or at least not always seem so). You may offer how-tos and tips and highlight where your product can intervene to make your readers’ lives easier.

  1. Make it simple

Simplify your message as much as possible. This will help your audience understand the content and interact with it.

The simpler your message is, the more effective it would be. You simply can’t attract attention if your audience can’t get it.

Your message needs to be easily digestible to pave the way for interaction. Clarity is what comes before interest.

Loose the technical lexis!

Avoiding jargon use is part of making it simple for your audience, encountering a difficult word would be a handicap for your audience to get the message and would soon lose interest

  1. Adapt your message to your brand voice!

When we set the objective for a campaign, we tend to get too immersed in it and kinda forget about the voice.

Checking before posting sounds a good idea, here is a nice reminder!

  1. .. and to your audience!

There’s a connection between your voice, audience, and message. Identifying the target audience and understanding why you are addressing them will help you tailor your message to better meet their needs.

You can’t handle all ranges of the audience the same: addressing an agency for example or an organization requires a different tone and speech.

  1. Insert accurate call to actions!

First, your CTA needs to be in accordance with the other texts in the post. The idea is to provide the context then insert the call to action to put in words precisely both: what you expect from your reader and what he gets in return!

  1. Create emotional appeal

Ever heard of FOMO?

It’s “the fear of missing out”, and basically, it’s a common social anxiety found among customers. Your mission is to intensify this emotion by adding terms of immediacy or exclusivity.

It’s as easy as adding the word “now” to your CTA!

Now that you’ve set your set strategy, and identified your editorial techniques, you need to assess the efforts you’ve invested on social media and spot improvement opportunities.

There’s only one language you need to speak in order to that: DATA.

You need to ground your tactics on statistics and numbers. You can either rely on the old method that Facebook gives you (Facebook insights). Or, spare lengthy reporting hours and your report clearer and more accurate in just one click.

That’s exactly what Kpeiz offers you. Let’s go through its basic features.

Review and improvement axes of your social media strategy

To push your business forward and improve your social media strategy, you need to speak with data, and ground your tactics on statistics and numbers. That’s exactly what Kpeiz offers you. Let’s go through its basic features.

  1. Audit your Facebook performance: Reporting

The first step is to evaluate your strategy: get regular reports detailing the progress of likes and the number of fans, the posting rhythm, how your fans are reacting to your posts etc.

These in-depth detailed charts substitute the data gathering that your social media managers would spend effort and time doing, and would serve as ready-made analysis and an evaluation of your work.

The reports are printable in Power Point and PDF formats. In the light of these figures, you can easily detect the days during which you had more interactions along with the type of posts that your fans are eager to react to.

  1. Recognize your Standpoint: Benchmarking

Now that you have assessed your work from within, you need a view from a distance to know your market’s position compared to the competition. Recognizing where they excel and where they fail allows you to make strategic moves.

  1. Optimize with a clear vision

So, you see clearly how far you went relying on your current strategy, and where you stand. It’s time to make a call: maintain it, add some changes, or implement a new one.

To do so, you have access to your page’s best and worst posts, best and worst timing for publishing along with all data that you need to spot the areas for improvement.

  1. Keep track of your Strategy

After discerning the loopholes, applying the good tactics, you need to make sure that you are maintaining your strategy.

Kpeiz gives you figures about the number of fans and likes on your page and their progression so far.

The service gives you detailed charts about your page’s activities as well as your fans’ activities on your page: in so doing, you get to know in what way your fans interact with you the most and what type of reactions you get the most from them.

Probably marketers’ worst nightmare: when efforts don’t pay off!

How to fix this? Which content generates more engagement?

We’ve rounded up simple to-dos that will help you see the change within a short time!

Energize your Social Media strategy!

  1. Opt for authentic, focused and good-quality content

We know it as a fact, the quality of your posts is what keeps the public hooked.

The choice of posts relies heavily on accuracy: identifying your audience would pave the way for you to reach them. Matching the right content with the right audience would help you get more interaction and accordingly attain higher engagement rates.

In order to build a solid social media community, you would need an authentic content which needs to accord with your editorial line: personalizing content according to your audience’s segmentation makes all the difference.

People like you for a reason, it would be deceiving to orient your content to another for the sake of a buzz for example (might sound good in the short term, but it’s harmful in the long run).

A word to wrap this up: get inspired, come up with better content and make sure that it is consistent with your editorial strategy!

  1. Spot the perfect time to post

It is part of the familiarizing process with your community: you will get to know more and more about them gradually

Posting when your community is active will definitely improve your posts’ visibility. In order to so, you would need to have a close look at your insights on a daily basis to mark the best time when your insights go up.

Or else, you could use Kpeiz, it would save the time and effort to sport the perfect t post.

  1. Photo, or video format? That’s the question!

Which is better to convey my message, a photo, a video, a story?

Many studies proved that the average engagement of video posts grows faster than photos. It is possibly traced to the fact that videos arouse more curiosity among the audience.

Or, you could simply get the answer from your audience, you would only need to go on Kpeiz to see which format was better performing than the others.

It goes without saying that other content typologies exist and that some content categories can engage your community more than others:

It important to remind that playing on emotions is always a good tactic to win more interactions: emotional appeal by tackling themes that trigger the audience’s empathy, inticing greed via wall games and prizes promises etc.

You can go here for inspiration from the best performing campaigns during Ramadan in Egypt!

The Takeaway: Some basic to-dos, however, as content authenticity would always guarantee a thin link between you and your community. This being said, it’s your turn now to play on the Facebook algorithm to boost your engagement with your audience!

We have shown in many studies in our blog how reposting is a great optimizing technique:

Optimize to Drive more Engagement

Optimizing content is about developing your content strategy to reach more people. In order to do so, we, marketers keep trying different communication channels, promoting posts, etc. But we don’t think much about the effort invested.

The content creation process is time-consuming and expensive, especially if you plan or seek to tighten your budget. You cannot pretell whether your content will get you better results.

A new vision is held by digital marketers when it comes to optimizing content.

In this article, we will discover another aspect of optimization (other the SEO-related that we’re familiar with)

  1. Ever heard of recycling content?

In a way, it is pumping more life in your already used content. In other words, extending the lifespan of your social media posts.

It is a mindset that you need to have since the start of the content creation process. You need to adjust it in a way that you could reuse the same content differently without spending the same amount of time or efforts on it.

Recycling content is about visually refashioning already used content to get more out of it.

  1. Creating more with less!

The first step is to spot your best performing posts

Find your best posts a social media analysis tool. Kpeiz identifies your best posts in 2 categories that fall into the most interactive posts and the most engaging posts in an adjustable span of time.

Your job is to re-contextualize these posts and republish them in a completely different format.

Or to fetch sharable content in your blog posts. The idea is to turn ideas hidden in your best-performing articles into social media posts.

Visuals speak ideas better than texts!

Translate the same idea of the previous posts or of your blog into an image, or an illustration.That will be livelier than lengthy texts.

The second step is to categorize content

Each piece of content would lend itself into the best format in which it should be presented!

You can easily tell if you need to post it as Tips, Quotes, Infographic posts etc

Reformulate it in a way that corresponds to the suitable category. Don’t be too generous with words, the simpler the better.

The thing with social media posts is that once they appear in the timeline, their lifespan depends on how fast the user is scrolling. That is why we encourage brevity and clarity of the illustration.

Because at the end of the day, you want your message to reach your audience.

Build the appropriate links

Once you have your posts ready, publish it but don’t forget to link it either to the resource if your purpose is notoriety (your blog article), or directly to your platform if your purpose is conversion.

You’ve selected this content for a purpose. Social media posts with no links, in this sense, are detached from objective.

Here’s an example:

The premise of this vision?

Working hard doesn’t always pay off. Working smart does!

At a certain point, you want to maintain an attained level in order to grow. That’s when your business needs to face scalability issues.

The thing with strategic work is that there are a series of decisions and tactics that need to be taken in perfect time to ensure scalability.

Adopt the Right Tactics to Face Scalability Issues

It is no secret that businesses are either met with results that outdo the preset objectives or, on the opposite, are faced with a huge decline.

In this article, we will show you how you can ensure a scalable social media performance that reflects and grows your overall business performance.

As long as we can measure, we can improve!

Success is indeed measured with data. Numbers is the best language to translate success. Any business needs to convert its projects into success.

In Kpeiz, we believe that strategic watch is your friend in the process, and is done on two major branches:

  1. Competitive watch:

This allows you to know whether your presence or visibility of your brand is average, below or above the average results of competitors in your sector.

And further, it allows you to assess the performance level in key areas or activities of social media accounts in comparison with others in the same sector.

Eventually, you would decide whether you to find ways of closing gaps in performance, making better to aim higher or keep the same track.

  1. Data monitoring:

The assessment phase, better known among digital marketers as reporting, needs to be added in order to know how far you’ve gone with your strategy and whether you need a corrective action plan.

It is very insightful as to whether you need to invest more efforts, reduce costs, and in what area should you set your focus to improve efficiency.

It is an in-house analysis to audit your performance and take immediate actions to improve it.

On a broader level, the national report of your country gives you a benchmark that involves all the brands in your country, which would allow you to follow the top examples.

It would be a smart move to make a comparison between the national reports of the previous month with the current one, and spot the brands that made a rapid evolution and its best posts to detect the secret of its success.

In Kpeiz, we have deduced that performance should be the object of scrutiny from 3 perspectives:

  1. Digital Agency:

An agency’s primary concern is to maintain its current clients. Because some clients can have the habit to shift from one agency to another each couple of months.

That’s why you have to think of all the top trendy that would push clients. The strongest motive for clients would be monotonous content.

Clients seek innovation, trends, and trying new axes and approaches. Kpeiz can be your source of inspiration, it gives you access to the best performing content in any sector in any country!

On another level, Kpeiz can help agencies boost their customer portfolio, assist the prospecting process and converting prospects into customers

  1. Team

We can only progress with a winning team!

A winning team is a performing and motivated team. And, it the story behind our company!

Managing a winning team is synonymous to managing performance.

It is an undeniable fact that community managers spend a lot of time on preparing reports in parallel to, and, at the expense of their performance. We know how reporting can be a very monotonous, time-consuming and stressful task to you team members.

Getting one-click printable reports can spare your team the efforts and pave the way for agencies to maintain and improve its team performance level.

Besides, Kpeiz helps the team in their daily activities (planning, monitoring, reporting, and improving).

  1. Brand

Brands first and foremost inquiry is to identify its audience or ranges of the audience. In a next step, to appropriate the right content to the right target. And, on a second level to put content that valorizes their mutual interests.

Kpeiz helps its users to identify the audience, and monitor their social media presence and performance.

Keeping a close eye on how the agency is managing your social media image, whether it is in perfect harmony with your global marketing strategy, what is the predominant voice and tone of your brand on social media (funny, loved, hated..)

Our final thoughts

In many ways, Kpeiz can be the best friend of any person working in the digitl field. It makes your daily working hours easier and your life simpler.

This guide could be your companion through social media journey. Don’t hesitate to check our blog for other tips!

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