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The Ultimate guide to Build Your Editorial Line

The editorial line has a paramount role in defining the communication strategy of your company. It’s the thread that orients your content, and the way you would transfer this content to your audience. Read on to find out the elements that will help you set the ultimate focused editorial line.

1. Set your objectives:

Before you hit the road, it’s important to choose which direction to follow. You need to answer two questions: what would the content serve and what measures to take to gain more reach.

The idea is to establish harmony between the way you will talk about your business and the image you want to convey.

Basically, setting your objectives tells about your identity and in so doing differentiates you from your competitors.

2- Choose your Audience:

Knowing who you’re targeting will make your life way easier. As highlighted previously, audience identification is a key element in setting your focus.

Personalized content will lead through setting a precise focus. Know your target audience and give exactly what they need!

3- Convey Your message via the right channels:

All of the elements contribute as rounded arrows into the cycle: once you identify your audience, you know how to reach them.

Identifying the right paths that lead you to your audience is part of your audience’s identification.

Opt for the most relevant and efficient communication tools to your audience: social media, forums, groups etc.

4- Diffuse relevant content:

It’s all about relevance, your content is determined by the motives which may change bit by bit according to your strategy: sharing awareness, conversion etc

You can categorize your content as articles, FAQ, Checklists etc.

Pick up themes that allow you to become a reference in your field of expertise: accentuate the value your company can add to the domain.

5- Organize you posting frequency:

Make a cohesive planning of your post, one that firelights the rhythm of your posting. Creating the rhythm is important to showcase the diversity of your content and to build your image as organized and professional.

What and when are key questions to be answered, we’ve discussed the in the last question. You can find the answer to when here.

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