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The ultimate editorial tips to make effective social media posts!

  1. Offer service!

A large majority of internet users go on google to get answers, and that’s where/when you should pop up!

Your blog posts shouldn’t be always promotional (or at least not always seem so). You may offer how-tos and tips and highlight where your product can intervene to make your readers’ lives easier.

  1. Make it simple

Simplify your message as much as possible. This will help your audience understand the content and interact with it.

The simpler your message is, the more effective it would be. You simply can’t attract attention if your audience can’t get it.

Your message needs to be easily digestible to pave the way for interaction. Clarity is what comes before interest.

Lose the technical lexis!

Avoiding jargon use is part of making it simple for your audience, encountering a difficult word would be a handicap for your audience to get the message and would soon lose interest

  1. Adapt your message to your brand voice!

When we set the objective for a campaign, we tend to get too immersed in it and kinda forget about the voice.

Checking before posting sounds a good idea, here is a nice reminder!

  1.  .. and to your audience!

There’s a connection between your voice, audience, and message. Identifying the target audience and understanding why you are addressing them will help you tailor your message to better meet their needs.

You can’t handle all ranges of the audience the same: addressing an agency for example or an organization requires a different tone and speech.

  1. Insert accurate call to actions!

First, your CTA needs to be in accordance with the other texts in the post. The idea is to provide the context then insert the call to action to put in words precisely both: what you expect from your reader and what he gets in return!

  1. Create emotional appeal

Ever heard of FOMO?

It’s “the fear of missing out”, and basically, it’s a common social anxiety found among customers. Your mission is to intensify this emotion by adding terms of immediacy or exclusivity.

It’s as easy as adding the word “now” to your CTA!

Hey, also inserting an appropriate can be a good idea to draw a smile on your audience’s faces!

A word for the end, the secret to effective social media posts is not to lose sight of your key success factor: clarity!

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