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The Secret to Spice up your Social Media Plan!

Do you sometimes feel that your posts are pale when they should be lively?

It’s a wakeup call to rekindle life in your social media posts.

Our team believes that a psyched up mindset is responsible for the good quality of posts (which is frequently overlooked).

In this article, we gathered the different mindsets that boost our productivity and quality of our content

  1. Establish a moral engagement

Both with your team and with your social media community!

With your team, it’s important to maintain the direct actions you’ve agreed upon in your last meetings and work on the improvement axes along with the respect to deadlines!

This can be done by translating the final thoughts you’ve ended up with in your meetings into direct objectives (set some stickers on your desk to serve as constant reminders)

With your community, commitment can be a bit more challenging, first growing your fans base, bonding with them through engaging joint content.

  1. Stop Reacting. Start Responding!

Content creation is a constantly adjustable process that requires attention to details along with a continual improvement in your strategy.

Reacting means taking actions without making a proper analysis, it is based on mere guesses or preferences.

Responding, on the other hand, stands for taking the time to understand the situation and to find the perfect way to make it better.

Responding to a situation (improving your social media strategy for instance) is best grounded on data. Data is your compass; keep track of your running campaigns, situate yourself in a comparison with your competitors.

Best formula?                                                                                                

Monitor, compete, compare, improve, ENGAGE!

  1. Let your company’s philosophy show up on the surface!

Don’t be afraid to reveal yourself (your team, your culture, your brand voice) to your audience.

Social media audience is eager to be attracted to the authentic, or let’s human side going on behind the scenes.

Showcase your company’s life via social media stories and create human ties with your audience!

At the end of the day, it’s your personality that will stay anchored in your audience’s mind rather than your product.

  1. Every great dream begins with a dreamer


Success is the outcome of the efforts of dream believers.

If you ever face a lack of inspiration. Start with reminding yourself why you’re on board in this adventure and remind yourself of your team goals!

Set your primary goals, is it growing your audience, is it engaging your community, or expanding your business? Be goal-driven and turn your objectives into achievements.

This should help you not see your work as a burden but as a passion. Simply because social media marketing is long and could be a tiring journey, but when you visualize your objectives, you can find ways and efficient tactics to make them true.

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