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The Secret to Energize your Social Media Community!

Probably marketers’ worst nightmare: when efforts don’t pay off!

How to fix this? Which content generates more engagement?

We’ve rounded up simple to-dos that will help you see the change within a short time!

Opt for authentic, focused and good-quality content

We know it as a fact, the quality of your posts is what keeps the public hooked.

The choice of posts relies heavily on accuracy: identifying your audience would pave the way for you to reach them. Matching the right content with the right audience would help you get more interaction and accordingly attain higher engagement rates.

In order to build a solid social media community, you would need an authentic content which needs to accord with your editorial line: personalizing content according to your audience’s segmentation makes all the difference.

People like you for a reason, it would be deceiving to orient your content to another for the sake of a buzz for example (might sound good in the short term, but it’s harmful in the long run).

A word to wrap this up: get inspired, come up with better content and make sure that it is consistent with your editorial strategy!

Spot the perfect time to post

It is part of the familiarizing process with your community: you will get to know more and more about them gradually.

Posting when your community is active will definitely improve your posts’ visibility. In order to so, you would need to have a close look at your insights on a daily basis to mark the best time when your insights go up.

Or else, you could use Kpeiz, it would save the time and effort to sport the perfect to post.

Photo, or video format? That’s the question!

Which is better to convey my message, a photo, a video, a story?

Many studies proved that the average engagement of video posts grows faster than photos. It is possibly traced to the fact that videos arouse more curiosity among the audience.

Or, you could simply get the answer from your audience, you would only need to go on Kpeiz to see which format was better performing than the others.

It goes without saying that other content typologies exist and that some content categories can engage your community more than others:

It's important to remind that playing on emotions is always a good tactic to win more interactions: emotional appeal by tackling themes that trigger the audience’s empathy, inticing greed via wall games and prizes promises etc.

You can get inspiration from the best performing campaigns during Ramadan in Egypt!

The Takeaway

There is no such thing as absolute values when it comes to engagement rates on social media. Neither are they pre-defined formulas to achieve objectives. Each community holds its own specificities and accordingly requires a special voice and a personalized content.

Some basic to-dos, however, as content authenticity would always guarantee a thin link between you and your community. This being said, it’s your turn now to play on the Facebook algorithm to boost your engagement with your audience!

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