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The Secret to a Successful Event Marketing on Social Media!

Are you a good event planner?

It’s not so hard to become one. All you need is to set up a good event marketing strategy and rely on the adequate tools.

To do so, you need to identify the category into which your event falls: think about the objectives you need to meet via this event. In the light of your objectives, start brainstorming about themes and ideas that will help you get there.

Then, assess the feasibility of these ideas and project some results.

Before you hit the road!

To make your choice easier, good ideas are the ones that you could integrate into your social media marketing strategy.

  1. It would be more efficient to take a glimpse at your Facebook report in order to recognize the best posts (either the ones that induced more interactions or improved your engagement rate) in your sector of activities (either your posts or your competitors’) to make sure that your event gets the response it deserves on the social media network.

  2. One of the key initials for a good start is to analyze your audience: knowing who they are, allows you to know how to make them click on “Participate”.

Gathering information about your audience allows you to set a more efficient targeting and saves you time and money: you simply need to push the post detailing your event by selecting the geographic region in which you have a larger audience.

Setting up your plan:

  1. Start by creating the event page, and include all the pertinent details in the description without forgetting to valorize your guests: make a smart use of “their names” to arouse excitement among your audience about your event.

  2. Launch a hashtag special to your event: choose light, easily memorable words that would entice your audience to use. You can rely on the hashtag to recognize new members of your community on social media after the event. Don’t forget to include it in your event description, the event posts and on the images and videos of the event to increase awareness about your brand.

  3. Create wall games with tickets for your event as rewards: the promise of a prize is among the most efficient the this will increase interaction on your posts and thus the visibility of your event in the timeline.

As the event goes:

  1. Prepare a live streaming of your event for those who couldn’t make it. and make sure to interact with your social media audience in real time.

  2. Share attractive and appealing images of the event to encourage participants who are probably having second thoughts to come and join you.

  3. Share interesting quotes said by your guest speakers during their intervention.

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