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The secret formula to build a Scalable Social Media Performance

The thing with strategic work is that there are a series of decisions and tactics that need to be taken in perfect time to ensure scalability.

It is no secret that businesses are either met with results that outdo the preset objectives or, on the opposite, are faced with a huge decline.

In this article, we will show you how you can ensure a scalable social media performance that reflects and grows your overall business performance.

As long as we can measure, we can improve!

Success is indeed measured with data. Numbers is the best language to translate success. Any business needs to convert its projects into success.

In Kpeiz, we believe that strategic watch is your friend in the process, and is done on two major branches:

1. Competitive watch:

This allows you to know whether your presence or visibility of your brand is average, below or above the average results of competitors in your sector.

And further, it allows you to assess the performance level in key areas or activities of social media accounts in comparison with others in the same sector.

Eventually, you would decide whether you to find ways of closing gaps in performance, making better to aim higher or keep the same track.

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2. Data monitoring:

Magic word? Reporting.

The assessment phase, better known among digital marketers as reporting, needs to be added in order to know how far you’ve gone with your strategy and whether you need a corrective action plan.

It is very insightful as to whether you need to invest more efforts, reduce costs, and in what area should you set your focus to improve efficiency.

It is an in-house analysis to audit your performance and take immediate actions to improve it.

On a broader level, the national report of your country gives you a benchmark that involves all the brands in your country, which would allow you to follow the top examples.

It would be a smart move to make a comparison between the national reports of the previous month with the current one, and spot the brands that made a rapid evolution and its best posts to detect the secret of its success.

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In Kpeiz, we have deduced that performance should be the object of scrutiny from 3 perspectives:

1. Digital Agency:

An agency’s primary concern is to maintain its current clients. Because some clients can have the habit to shift from one agency to another each couple of months.

That’s why you have to think of all the top trendy that would push clients. The strongest motive for clients would be monotonous content.

Clients seek innovation, trends, and trying new axes and approaches. Kpeiz can be your source of inspiration, it gives you access to the best performing content in any sector in any country!

On another level, Kpeiz can help agencies boost their customer portfolio, assist the prospecting process and converting prospects into customers

2. Team:

We can only progress with a winning team!

A winning team is a performing and motivated team. And, it the story behind our company!

Managing a winning team is synonymous to managing performance.

It is an undeniable fact that community managers spend a lot of time on preparing reports in parallel to, and, at the expense of their performance. We know how reporting can be a very monotonous, time-consuming and stressful task to you team members.

Getting one-click printable reports can spare your team the efforts and pave the way for agencies to maintain and improve its team performance level.

Besides, Kpeiz helps the team in their daily activities (planning, monitoring, reporting, and improving).

3. Brand:

Brands first and foremost inquiry is to identify its audience or ranges of the audience. In a next step, to appropriate the right content to the right target. And, on a second level to put content that valorizes their mutual interests.

Kpeiz helps its users to identify the audience, and monitor their social media presence and performance.

Keeping a close eye on how the agency is managing your social media image, whether it is in perfect harmony with your global marketing strategy, what is the predominant voice and tone of your brand on social media (funny, loved, hated..)

Our final thoughts:

In many ways, Kpeiz can be the best friend of any person working in the digitl field. It makes your daily working hours easier and your life simpler.

It helps you avoid the worst, like strategy slips

It holds preventive functions so that you can intervene on time.

And, it helps you aim higher!

Craft your social media strategy with actionable data and insight!

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