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The Sassiest Brands during the First Half of Ramadan in Egypt!

Ramadan is THE season when it comes to advertising. Some brands try to profit from the high viewership of ads to leave its print in the audience’s minds.

On social media, leaving a mark is recognized when audience actually reacts to posts and not just press the “like” bottom. In a way, reactions translate the audience’s level of engagement.

Read on to find out which of the brands were Haha-inducing during the first half of the holy month!

In a smart move, Carrier, an air-conditioning brand, launched its summer campaign simultaneously with the start of Ramadan.

Carrier وأخيراً..تكييف من غير دراما. كاريير أوبتيماكس الجديد#بالغتوا_في_الدراما Publiée par Carrier Egypt sur vendredi 18 mai 2018

Using Kpeiz, we can notice that reactions peaked simultaneously with the start of Ramadan, and the second biggest proportion of reactions using Kpeiz is that of Haha.

Accordingly, we can identify the advertising tone of Carrier as a funny one.

Following the same trend, Midea Air Conditioning chose to launch its campaign days after Ramadan and it was also a comedy-based ad:

Midea كسرت ال-٤٠…معاك لحد ٥٢#ميديا # بيلطف_أي_جو Publiée par Midea Egypt sur jeudi 24 mai 2018

And it left audience with a pleasant imprint:

In the Telecom sector, all the leading brands introduced new campaigns during Ramadan. Although Etisalat Misr launched its campaign after Orange and Vodaphone, its ad has been the best shared and viewed.

إعلان اتصالات رمضان 2018 زي ما كل الناس دي مش بتهزر … احنا كمان مش بنهزر في رمضان السنة دي!الشحنة بـ ١٠ جنيه أو أكتر ممكن تشحنها ٢٨ مرة تانية .. ١٤ ليك و ١٤ لحبايبكاشحن وكلم #٠١١* واختار هدية رمضان وعشان تستخدم الشحنات الإضافية كلم #٢٨*٠١١* بعد الشحن أو زور http://spr.ly/6180D5Ii4#احنا_مش_بنهزر #شحنة_رمضان_مع_اتصالاتSamira Said Ahmed Fahmi Nelly Karim شيرين رضا – Shereen Reda علي الحجار | Ali-Elhaggar Mohamed Ramadan Publiée par Etisalat Misr sur samedi 19 mai 2018

However delightful, the ad is more loved than laughed at, but it can be seen as a sassy ad since the proportion of the Haha reacts is important too:

Elite’s ad was introduced on social media more or less late compared to the others :

شوفت الجديد؟ شوفت الجديد؟ Publiée par Elite sur dimanche 27 mai 2018

And, we can safely say that it was the sassiest ad:

Now this might be a good reminder: it’s no surprise that posts are liked more than loughed at or loved. Reacting is the next level of interaction. It means that the post impacted the audience emotionally by stimulating laughter, anger, sadness or love.

Seen from this angle we may deduce that comedy still has its influence among advertisers. Don’t you think?

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