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The Rap Game on Social Media: MGK Won the battle!

In a (should I say smart?) move, the godly figure of today’s rap, gathered nowadays rappers and clashed them all in a diss song.

Eminem engaged himself in a rap game, (like did he know what he was getting himself into?).

Consequences were unexpectedly timely!

Only one responding diss was enough to wage the social media war against Eminem. MGK’s history with Eminem was brought from ashes as the young rapper kept an insisting tone repeating in his song “Let’s talk about”!

Back in 2012, MGK tweeted a comment that Eminem considered inappropriate about his daughter. Eminem blackballed MGK from rap radios leading this latter to rely solely on social media to make his music.

After the release of Eminem’s song “Not Alike”, it was the perfect occasion for MGK reverse the situation, and his response came fast!

Soon after the release of “Rap Devil”, all metrics soared on MGK’s Facebook page.

Facebook Interaction: MGK

Just like the lyrics say “I know your ego is hurtin’, just knowin’ that your fans discovered me (hi)”: the number of fans grew by 18095 since the release of the song.

The number of interactions also peaked: it went from 4159 to 271 286.

I don’t know about you? But, the public seems to have loved the diss on Facebook:

The number of love reactions peaked reaching 28 110 on the day of the song’s release, followed by the Wow-reactions which went up to 13 138.

While many Eminem loyalists consider that MGK made an end to his career with “Rap devil”, others are waiting for the rap game to

But, according to the social media game, we can safely announce MGK as a winner!

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