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The Most Engaging Coffee &Tea Posts in 2018

We’re at the very start of January, and warm drinks are very welcome to alleviate winter’s cold weather.

Coffee and tea brands, on their turn, invest efforts and money to promote their products during the making competition fierce at the winter season.

The efficiency of a Facebook page is, indeed, measured by the engagement of its community, and accordingly, we picked the engagement rate as a key indicator to spot the best raking content.

On Facebook, the engagement rate is the ratio between the reach and the number of interactions received. The scope is the number of people who have seen at least one post on your page. The interactions on Facebook that are generally taken into account are likes, clicks, shares, and comments.

It is in this context that we introduce the Top 5 of the most engaging posts in this trending sector using Kpeiz:

1. Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists:

We are moving!We’ll be celebrating our 94th anniversary on Tuesday 4th December with the opening of our new coffee… Publiée par Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists sur Vendredi 9 novembre 2018

Updating the audience about moving encourages a great deal of interactions. It is a change that is impactful for them as well and they would need to adjust their accessibility to the product accordingly.

2. Freshpak Rooibos Tea

Celebrate #InternationalTeaDay with a cup of your favourite Freshpak Rooibos Tea! Publiée par Freshpak Rooibos Tea sur Vendredi 14 décembre 2018

Accustoming your content to celebratory days is a smart way to build sympathy with your audience!

3. Hug in a Mug

Hug in a mug occupied the 3 remaining posts in the Top 5!

For a frosted drink that melts your heart, try this quick but yummy recipe:1. Make your Toasted Marshmallow Hug in a Mug 2. Add the mixture with ice to a blender 3. Serve and ENJOY Publiée par Hug in a Mug sur Mardi 13 novembre 2018

Followed by

Choc-full of minty indulgence! Enjoy this refreshingly chilled drink, made with everyone's favourite new flavour: Choc Mint Cappuccino 🎄 Publiée par Hug in a Mug sur Dimanche 2 décembre 2018

And last

#Movember with Hug in a Mug. Show us your mo! Sip on your Skinny Cappuccino and take a selfie 📸 Publiée par Hug in a Mug sur Mardi 6 novembre 2018

Hug in a mug’s three best posts were published approximately in the same period, in the same month.

Let’s say they picked the best timing (autumn) showcase the variety of its product!

Want to find sector-related content? Give smart suggestion a try!

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