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The Initial Mindset to Start your Business

This is the first article of a series to help you know more about the initial steps for startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia, so basics are always important to build on them something solid.

So let’s hit some business launching basics;

There is a big confusion between a company and a startup while they are two different things. We are writing this article to make this confusion go away and have a clearer view to the both terms. A startup searches to find an innovative solution for an existing problem. It offers a product or a service that is not on the market yet or it exists but with features that make it easy to use or solve more problems, yes it’s that simple.

But what makes startups and companies really different? Interesting question yet you’ll see that you missed the answers right in front of your eyes. The different is in their main objectives, while companies want to have a stable long term value while startups focus more on the growth potential. Now, after understanding the difference, let’s get straight to the point to build your own successful startup. What is coming is really important so focus and keep your eyes on the lines. LET’S GO!

Imagine the future, having an innovative idea means to project yourself in the future with a solution to your problem. You should come up with an idea from a problem not otherwise. You should know what is missing, what problems interest you the most and you want to invest your time and money in. After finding out the problems you should write it down and start exploring your choices and what your product or service could be and of course without forgetting the market research because it can be one of the main reasons of failing.

Now do you think is the next step to start your business ? … let’s find out together Having a cofounder that you share the same values and objectives whether in life or in the startup are both very important because it is not going to be pink all the time, there going to be ups and downs but when you have the right partner you will get through that without even noticing it. A lot of people don’t trust others with their ideas because they feel like it’s their baby, so they would rather work on their own but that is a huge mistake to do. Recruiting people; the right people; that share the same passion for the industry or the product will help you move forward, when you wake up with no motivation you will find them to motivate you. All together you can start building a prototype, everyone putting effort to grow the baby, and after that prototype is built people other than the team should see it because they are going to see things you couldn’t see since it is built with lots of love and with those comments and critics you will improve your prototype to a better one and you need to test every improvement you make.

Now you have something reliable that you can trust when showing to people, so what do you think is missing? You have your perfect team, you have your prototype… of course money is missing but don’t worry, you have to prepare your pitch and head out to look for funding and investors so you can launch your business in the most successful way.

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We hope you enjoyed our first article, tell us what you think.

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