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The Importance of Content and How to Improve it

Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled the world… oh I am sorry, this is another’s story beginning because in this one the king is still ruling the world. Let’s find out more about this king and how important he is. Content is the name of our beloved king, ages ago, this king had only one kingdom that is called “blog” but he did a very nice job in it and made everyone in it very happy so everyone living outside of that kingdom got jealous so they also named him their king that is why he is ruling the world until today. Nowadays, content is not only considered as blog posts, it is more like everything we use for our brand: the photos, the videos, GIFs, ads and so on… you got my point. A well done content strategy brings engaging leads and it also helps you improve your conversion rates that’s why every business should have a content marketing strategy because this is what makes you different from your competitors.

So you can probably see the importance of content in the marketing field and to your brand but let’s keep digging to find out more. The king is still ruling the world because he always works on improving himself and stays up-to-date.

Convinced? Let’s see how we can improve it now

1- Understand your audience: First things first, you can’t have a kingdom without your beloved people so don’t forget your audience, remember what they want to read when they click on the blog button or the video play. You need to make content that you know it is what your audience is looking for and interested to read/ watch. So a buyer persona description would be great to define your client’s profile.

2- Personalize your content: When reading, people like to feel that you’re addressing to them, so try to make your content personalized and by that, find out what your audience wants to read the most and what are its interest so you can fill in those holes and of course that content should add value otherwise no one will waste their time to read something they already know, so off to you keyboard and make magic happen.

3- Vary your content: The top 3 types of content used by B-to-B marketers in the last 12 months are long-form content (in-depth articles, guides), video snippets, and social media stories so choose the right channel to publish your content. Create snacking content in blogs, I mean try to make it short and clear for your readers and just get to the point with but you should never forget to make long length content for your loyal audience because they like what you write and always looking for more.

That’s why KPEIZ is here for you to help you analyze which type of content is more suitable for you.

4- Use story telling: 55% of business professionals say a great story captures their focus and keeps them engaged with content.

5- Bring colors: Use colors, colors attract people and try to implement them in different formats, colors increase readers attention by 82% And of course, not only the presence of content that matters but also how you present it and who you present it to.

6- LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Don’t forget that your content has a purpose after all so as Mari Smith said:” Content is king, but engagement is queen and the lady rules the house.”  Oops, we found out who’s ruling the world after all.

Now, the important thing is not to keep publishing regularly on your blog or social media yet to do it effectively.


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