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The biggest problems in the life of a social media manager

Some days look alike. Others seem too challenging and tirring. This stands true for any job. But when it comes to social media managers and marketers, days are never the same.

This is not to say that some tasks are either too daunting or too tedious. The daily schedule is always busy and hectic. However, no one seems to understand what they go through.

Seems like we caught some of these marketers who are always feeling alienated in family gatherings and professional crowdings alike?

If you feel you’re alone, let us tell you you’re definitely not!

Want a proof?

Here are some of the problems you can relate to. And, you can share it with your friends who see you as a facebook account admin!

Finding the right content for your platform

Generating interesting content is not that easy. Few are the people who are aware of what the person behind a social media account undergoes. Social media managers spend hours to conduct a thorough research into their marketing audience and their competition. Before deciding which content is suitable, they need to adjust it to client’s brief and brand identity.

Loads of data and ideas to process ughhhh!

And, the struggle is not finished yet! Some days, creative slump takes over social media managers and hinders their creativity and productivity.

It happens to the best of us. Your brain seems to shut down, unable to come up with whatsoever. You look desperately for fresh and interactive content.

Checking your content checklist

Marking ticks without missing a case is a pure joy no one knows. Your client thinks that you’re just hitting the publish button instinctively once the work is done. In reality, this publish button is only clicked on after a through check. Completing the checklist is the first step toward value delivery and interaction ensurement.

Convincing your client by your social media calendar

Freedom is always linked to speech, media and social issues. This is how people understand the notion. For social media managers freedom encompasses their ability to execute their creative ideas without having a non-expert mengling with their job.

Tell your client you’re free to do whatever you deem essential and effective! They will throw a long, and boring, speech on how they know better.

You need to have all your skills put in the table and practice salesman techniques to get your social media calendar validated. It’s a huge mental effort that makes you feel like you’re the next Martin Luther King.

Getting your social media report ready before deadline

Reports are the proof of the efficiency of your efforts. But, they are those kinds of tasks no one enjoys. Putting together the right metrics and analysing each one of them is a task that seems to take you forever. Not to mention compiling everything in a simple and straightforward representation.

Your stakeholders don’t understand why it takes you so much to compile your data and present it to them. And, it puts more pressure on you.

Finding the ideal posting time

Post done? Publish it and take a seat. This is what everyone thinks you do. It’s a blow in your ego! You’re seating there gathering data and comparing it to pinpoint the ideal posting time, a time that compensates for all of your efforts.

But, audiences are very complicated human beings, like we all. You can’t tell when they are active on social media and when they are ready to reward your efforts.

Watching the clock is a waste of time for you. You feel like you’re babysitting your social media posts.

Spying on your competitors without missing a thing

“Why didn’t you craft a post like “X”?” or “Why didn’t you make us a trending post like X’s?” These questions your stakeholders throw whenever a competitor succeeds in creating a trending post or coming up with an astonishingly creative campaign.

You feel you should be the next Orwellian Big Brother. But, you can’t be that omnipresent on social media no matter how time you invest. This is a confession you can’t profess unless you want to get fired.

Reaching your wrong marketing audience

Content is crafted. Execution is perfectly made. The post is up on social media. Oups! You got responses from an audience that is not yours and cannot be part of your prospects.

Not being able to reach the desirable audience is a pain in the neck. You should track the roots of the problem and fine-tune the content once again.

Setting the right metrics to track

Explaining the difference between vanity metrics and operational metrics to a business owner can turn out to be that math lesson no one gets. It’s a battle between what you believe in and what a stakeholder thinks it’s best.

And, you need to fight this battle to the end. This battle is only conducted by the pottenest of equipment: data and proofs.

Few are the ones who understand that a social media manager is always donning the role of a contemporary viking.

But, we can fully relate to this and we send loads of love to all the warriors who are gatekeeping brands and investing the best of them for brands to thrive and grow.

If you think we’ve missed some of your biggest challenges, tell us about it in the comment section.

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