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The biggest Digital Marketing challenges facing small business owners and CEOs

Social media is a pillar of communication and marketing strategy. Customers and prospects are there scrolling up and down their feeds and waiting to get cached in engaging content. While they are doing so, small business owners are caught in the midst of tons of duties and responsibilities.

Some CEOs lack the knowledge and time to fathom the secrets of digital marketing. And in being so, they are faced with major challenges to alleviate and overcome.

Here are some of the challenges we compiled after conducting some chatting with CEOs owning small businesses in Tunisia.

1- Properly allocating marketing resources:

Allocating a sufficient budget for a marketing team is a step that figures at the bottom of the list for many CEOs. When launching a product or a service, CEOs don’t usually pay so much attention to digital marketing.

In some cases, social media presence is only about feeding the algorithm some pennies to advertise a quickly-made ad.

At best, digital marketing is reduced to add one of the team members as admin on every possible social media channel.


The first step CEOs should take is to weigh out the options they have to properly allocate marketing resources, be it financial or human. Some of the options can be:

  • Hiring an in-house team of two or three members

  • Outsourcing digital marketing to a specialized communication agency

  • Looking for passionate freelancers who can take the tasks out of their shoulders

  • Reaching out for a marketing CTO

2- Generating leads via social media:

Spending money to make more money is the backbone of every business. But, spending money for a little to show up is the nightmare of every CEO. Social media networks are channels to make more conversions and leads.

But, Generating leads via social media is not simply investing on Facebook Ads and holding fingers crossed.


Behind every social media platform lurks algorithms to understand and grasp. Simply put, without knowing how to increase visibility on social media, presence is just one voice in the noise.

  • Land on social media with a clear vision

  • Craft an effective social media content strategy

  • Set up the right KPIs to track progress according to your business goals and phases

  • Track your KPIs and adjust your marketing strategy.

3- Building consistent digital marketing activities:

Consistency is synonymous with perseverance in the world of social media. Being consistent on all social media platforms can be daunting. Sticking To the brand’s tone, voice and identity across the platforms is a must. And, it’s what a brand is: being recognizable by the target audience. But, don’t get us wrong! We don’t recommend using the same content on all platforms. If it was as easy as this, building a consistent presence would never be a challenge.

Consistency also means frequency: keeping the frequency of posting rate and learning algorithms. Organic reach depends heavily on frequency. Once a brand is missed on a social media platform, it’s forgotten. CEOs may not be aware of this.

While assigning and tracking tasks for their teams, they can put on hold some social media content and prioritize others.


CEOs may be overwhelmed by the tasks involved to maintain a solid and consistent presence. But, these tasks are essential pillars for a goal-oriented social media presence. Here are some tips to alleviate the consistency challenge:

  • Identify brand identity from day one

  • Reduce the time wasted due to manual tasks and get some tasks automated or done quickly via social media analytics tools.

  • Get inspiration from brand competitions in order to come up with more content ideas.

4- Catching the latest trends:

With everything going in their business, CEOs are always busy and burned by a myriad of responsibilities. Amidst their hectic life, they cannot catch every latest trend popping up from social media content.

While it’s the role of their marketing team, CEOs are not aware of how much they need to insist on following trends and even riding them.

Some CEOs are very conventional and traditional while others can go to the extent of being triggered by their team scrolling up and down their Facebook feed.

This makes trends a challenge that faces some businesses. Detecting a trend after going too viral to be caught equates missing an opportunity to generate more interactions and leads.


CEOs should propel and encourage their team to keep an eye on the sector. Competition’s content provides much insight to inform digital marketing content. But, this can turn out to be difficult for the team to handle. It’s impossible for them to go through every competitor’s content on a daily basis. Thus, a social media benchmark tool comes in handy to garner trending posts. Shortage in the budget can propel CEOs to rely on other solutions:

  • Subscribe to each and every important social media blog

  • Check some websites that cater to the latest news

  • Follow social media pages dedicated to social media news and the latest trends.

These are but a few of the challenges every small business owner faces, whether they are aware of or not. Each challenge adds a big load of work and scrutiny. But, they have all one solution in common: technology.

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