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The best 5 Online Meme generators

If you’re reading this article, it’s very obvious you’ve been surfing the web for years. You’ve been searching on google, reading articles, scrolling up your social media app feeds and many other web-related activities. Thus, you have stumbled upon memes several times and you may have noticed how this type of media has attracted the interests of both internet users and marketers alike.

Memes are the modern version of jokes. They represent typical daily situations in a humorous way.

In an internet-related context and According to the Cambridge Dictionary a meme is defined as “an idea, image, video, etc. that is spread very quickly on the internet”.

As far as the form is concerned, memes usually come in the form of an image with a bold text and sometimes memes are presented in the form of a GIF.

There is a meme for each and everything and there are thousands of memes created every day on the web. As hinted in the definition of Cambridge, a meme should be trending and viral. Using an outdated meme makes it impotent and dull.

Before being that famous and spread, you would need a software, like adobe photoshop, to create a meme. But, today a myriad of websites enables you to create memes in a few minutes.

As a marketer or brand owners, memes should get your attention. Memes are of a versatile use. Ranging from interacting with your followers, presenting the benefits of your products in an interesting way to creating a viral impact and getting your content circulating the web, you can align your goals with the use of memes and rock it.

WIthout further due, let’s present our list of the best meme generators online.

Meme Generator

This meme generator is the most used and popular online tool to date. MemeGenerator can be used when you lack ideas for trendy memes or you’ve been so busy to catch a trend. It allows you to know the most used memes and to type in your legend seamlessly. All you have to do is to scroll in the images and pick out your favorite to edit it and add your text.

Sometimes, you have already pinpointed the trend you want to ride. You already have the inspiration and you know what you’re doing and which meme to use.

In this case, you simply use the interesting options the tool offers to create your own meme. By uploading your image and clicking on the “create” button in the menu, you can start creating your piece of content as you please.


Sometimes you wake up and you have no clue what you will be adding in your content calendar. It’s okay! It happens to the best of us. And, memes come to rescue you and give you funny content to spice up your content strategy with.

DIYLOL is your go-to tool these very days. This meme generator enables you to create your own memes using already-popular memes. Check the templates; pick up a meme template and start creating your own out of famous ones.

If you have an inherent sense of humor, you can create an outclass meme and nail it.

All you have to do is choose a pre-existing image and add your text on the top, in the bottom or both. You can also adjust your text by choosing font, font size and color. Then, with a simple click on the download button, your meme will be downloaded and you will be ready to rock the net.


Canva outstands all the online image creation tools out there. It’s been used by professionals and beginners alike thanks to its easy, smooth and seamless user experience.

And, because it’s canva! And the tool has been known for doing things as they should be done, it offers a myriad of templates created by professional designers for you to choose your favorite and customize it as you want.

If you want to create something out of the box, it’s the right place to experiment your skills and create a professional and elegant meme.

But, this is not to say you can’t create your own meme. You can upload your own image, add a text and create your meme. Canva is a comprehensive image creation tool that can be easily used as a meme generator.

Meme Center

Meme Center is another meme generator designed for those who have some skills using this type of online apps. It offers 4 different options:

1- Quick Meme

2- Meme Builder

3- GIF Maker

4- Upload

It also offers many different templates of famous memes and allows you to generate your meme quickly out of them.

But, it’s noteworthy that you need to create your own account to sign up and start using it. It also uses some advanced functionalities like Flash Player. It may seem obsolete. But, give it a try and you will figure out how it’s a bit different from every other tool.

Adobe Spark

Are you a graphic designer? Have you already honed some design skills? This last meme generator is designed for you! Adobe has cherished a great reputation for having everything you need to present your ideas in elegant shape and form. And, it’s no wonder that it embarks in offering tools dedicated for community managers and digital marketers.

Adobe Spark is the tool designed to make your life easier. Exactly like Canva, Adobe Spark provides you with many design templates and makes sure every feature is easy to navigate and understand.

As far as memes are concerned, Adobe Spark offers templates for you to customize by adding text, choosing filters and so on.

Here, you need to decide. Do you want to take your memes to the next level and create creative ones using your own sense of humor and creativity? Or, Do you want to create memes quickly and without spending time brainstorming and coming up with funny memes?

These were our picks for the best meme generators. You can save them and start running your test to identify your favorite.

If you’re a brand owner and memes are catching your attention, make sure to use them appropriately. Memes should be aligned to your brand values and brand voice. Without adjusting them to your brands, memes can hurt your content strategy. Thus, make sure to resort to a professional, be it a community manager, social media manager or a marketer or at least a consultant to guide you through.

Don’t forget creating memes is a form of art.

Time to unleash your creativity!

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