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Spooky Halloween Campaigns that Stood Out so far!

Halloween is fast approaching and if it is not already the case, it is high time to think of an effective way to stand out from your competitors.

This is a strategic moment for marketers: users are extremely busy at this time of year and remain very attentive to the offers offered by advertisers.

Halloween Campaigns: Who says originality, says creativity!

I’ve rounded up the running campaign that stood up so far. Lush South Africa prepared its annual campaign hashtagged #LushOween. It showcases its Halloween products. So far, we’ve come across two posts!

The first is an owl-shaped babble bar to join the festivity of the event

Who’s ready for this much anticipated #LushOWeen Bubble Bar ⁉️ Bewitched Bubble Bar shares its scent with the Sultana… Publiée par LUSH South Africa sur Vendredi 5 octobre 2018

Tiny tip: If I were working for Lush South Africa and wanted to check the efficiency of the efforts I am making on Facebook since the beginning of the fall, I would simply enter the page on Kpeiz, select the period from the September, 1st till today.

I would find that the post was the best performing one!

The second post shows the process of making a handmade sparkly pumpkin, which was a smart move!

When we say our products are Fresh and Handmade, we mean it 😃🎃.The top of a whisk gives our Sparkly Pumpkin its characteristic look and plastic-free glitter finishes it off ✨🎃.Who’s ready for #LushOWeen ⁉️Keep your 👀 glued to our Insta stories and grid for sneak peeks and launch date updates – Coming Sooooon 👻🎃✨.Vid cred: @lushcroatia ✨🎃…..#LushFreshHandmadeCosmetics #FreshMatters #WhatsInsideCounts #LushNaked Publiée par LUSH South Africa sur Mercredi 3 octobre 2018

Users like to go into the daily life of brands in a roundabout way. Embarking your audience behind the scenes of your business for example, can prove to be a very good way to create a proximity with them.

From cosmetics to snacks!

A celebration always calls for a cake!

Kit Kat also managed to take a spooky sweet break: it made a recipe of a cheesecake using Kit Kat themed Halloween to boost interactions with users.

KITKAT Ruby Halloween Cheesecake Have a spook-tacular break this #Halloween by trying your hand at this KITKAT Ruby Cheesecake! Publiée par KitKat sur Mercredi 10 octobre 2018

We can think of it as a WIIFM approach: audience is always attracted to what they could win from a product. Kit Kat has just answered that and made its product a useful ingredient for the cake celebration.

Make you Halloween offer sound exclusive!

Two words: “limited edition”!

Put a spell on your audience using those two little words. They just love to possess exclusive products.

Take advantage of Halloween to come out a formula or a product depending on your activity sector, and make it sound exclusive.

My sugar did it!

Something spooky is coming- Halloween 2018 💀👽👻🎃🧟‍♂️🕷🕸🦇 Publiée par My Sugar sur Vendredi 12 octobre 2018

Known for its delicious doughnuts, they’ve posted a sneak peek of the cake they’ll be selling on Halloween.

Obviously, this year you will have to redouble your imagination to make your campaign stand up on social networks. Halloween is very competitive, be attractive, creative and inspiring.

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