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SPECIAL MEN MAKE DINNER DAY: The 10 Restaurants That Stood Out On Social Media

No worries! If you’re not a so good cook, we can provide you with a so good restaurant to save the night!

We got inspired by the event to share some insights about the best-appreciated restaurants on social media in Kenya.

The restaurant with the highest number of followers is Java House with 184 198 fans. Using Kpeiz, we will analyze the social presence of the 10 best-ranked restaurants on Facebook.

Top 10 restaurants based on the size of the community:

On social media, the number of fans is not the determining key indicator of the social performance. We rather would like to know whether the page is interactive.

Taking that into consideration, we switch the benchmark from fans to interactions where we find Java House among the least interactive ones and CJ’s first!

One could notice that the pages with highest number of fans are the least interactive pages, which implies that not all the community is engaged with the brand.

Let’s take for example the most pertinent example: the Java House was at the top of the list as far as the number of fans is concerned. Yet, we find it the least interactive page.

Logically, we could deduce that the number of posts is lower compared to others, or that the content is not engaging for the community.

Those analyses could be easily done using Kpeiz to define the axes of improvement in your strategy.

Let’s take a different example!

CJ’s restaurant, which the third popular restaurant in terms of total fans’ number is actually at the top when it comes to interaction with fewer posts than many of its competitors. We can deduce that the quality of content runs for his favor.

We can confirm this by comparing its engagement rate to that of its competitors.

We find that the engagement rate has risen during the last days of October. Using Kpeiz you may dive deeper and find which the most engaging posts were.

Find out how you stack up against your competition using KPEIZ Market Insights

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