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Special Digital Agencies: How to Improve your agency pitch with social data?

You must be familiar with the ping-pong effect between agencies and advertisers:

“They don’t know much about communication”

“This is not what we asked for”, “The briefing wasn’t clear”

What actually works best is neither the marketer’s own appreciation nor the advertiser’s own subjective taste.

What works best is decided by data, which is the third party that needs t to intervene in the advertiser-agency relation.

This value needs to be highlighted since the very start: the agency pitch!

To win the pitch you have to generate value. It is useless to associate the pitch proposals with a simple audit that only presents an inventory of fixtures. On the contrary, you need to extract statistics that will guide you in defining your prospect’s future strategy.

There is no good pitch without statistics!

It is about having access to social data, to know your prospect in depth and understand the interactions with Internet users to decide which strategies and tactics are necessary for different sectors such as telco, mass consumption, the automobile, etc.

Relying on a social media analysis tool would add more credibility and make your pitch more professional. Some features of Kpeiz such as the benchmark, allow acquiring relevant social insights with a history of two years and information with high added value. Let us walk you through some examples:

  1. Consulting real-time sectoral averages and the competitive environment of the brand in question, and associating it with the adequate use of these insights.

  2. The visibility generated by the best posts, and therefore the engagement generated by their wall game, for example, the efficiency of communication, and the launching of new products and services.

  3. Interactions that are often a positive sign that helps you reach more people. The more interactions there are, the more Facebook’s algorithm shows these publications.

  4. The number of fans variation: These mentions show the decrease or the acquisition of new fans and give an idea about the adequacy of the content and the targeted audience.

No way to pitch clients without creativity!

Creativity is in perfect accord with data analysis to create ideas that perfectly meet the needs and expectations of prospects.

It’s not just the intuitions that matter, but the voice, ideas and real needs of the target audience.

If you’re faced with a lack of inspiration, the best posts feature is your friend to give you an idea of what your competitors’ publications have worked best. An intelligent adaptation tailored to your goals, publications from your competitors is an important source of inspiration to explore.

Discovering the best performing posts of your competitors, and analyzing their best practices would nurture your creativity and give a wider scope of possibilities regarding your next content planning.

Get well equipped with to-the-point ideas!

In addition to social media tools, there are external platforms that generate analytics reports and aggregate statistics to generate interpretable information. This is the case, for example, of Kpeiz, which allows you to access benchmarks and sharp analyzes.

More customers, more meetings, more feedback lead to a loss of agility and efficiency.

We’re familiar with the difficulties that agencies face,  and we know that at the end of the day, it’s the quality that suffers. Be different, adopt Kpeiz, ground your pitch on reliable data, give the best recommendations and outperform your competitors!

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