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Social media Trends Fall 2018!

I know how we tend to keep the “old-school” spirit and choose to stick to our running strategy while social media trends are fast-changing and new ones keep on popping up.

They’re pretty usable, fresh and add some peps on your strategy!

Animated polls

On the one hand, polls are always successful ways to engage its audience. On the other, it has become evident that animated content is far more efficient in driving interactions.

Join the pleasant and the useful!

Kpeiz gave it a try (you need to click on the link)

À J-6 de la mise en place de votre rapport #Facebook mensuel, vous êtes plutôt confiant😉 grâce à votre outil de… Publiée par Kpeiz sur Vendredi 26 octobre 2018

Augmented reality

Possibilities to use it for your social media strategy are unaccountable.

We’ve seen the Pokemon catching, the hot Dog dancing, we could notice how these trends hooked the public!

This year, for example it was the easiest way for many companies to celebrate Halloween by showcasing their funny side on Facebook and Instagram stories interacting with zombies etc.

It was practical and created a visual impact on audience!

Here, National Geographic took it to another level:

Video Illustrations

We agree that video is the most engaging content format on social media.

Many advertising agencies and brands chose to put more efforts on it in order to stand out!

Heinz did it!

!ماتصدقش أي حاجة تتقال ماتصدقش أي حاجة تتقال!كاتشب هاينز عمره ما كان فيه مواد حافظة صناعية.#أسطورة_الكاتشب#هتاكل_إيه_مع_هاينز#Heinz_Egypt Publiée par Heinz Egypt sur Mercredi 10 octobre 2018

User-Generated content

How about turning your audience into your brand advocates!

What is user-generated content already?

alternatively known as user-created content (UCC), is any form of content, such as images, videos, text and audio, that have been posted by users of online platforms such as social media

First and foremost, you need to pick content that succeeds on each network, you can, for example, rely mostly on images, on Twitter since you’re given a limited number of words, and on images, and videos on Instagram and add lengthy texts (for captions) on Facebook The choice of content would be up to you and your customer “user”

We can safely say that Toyota made a perfect use of UGC  for its annual campaign “Feel the street”

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