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Social Media statistics that Matter in 2019

Is it accurate to say that statistics is the most fluent language marketers speak?

Social media statistics are marketers’ compass.  They mirror their community’s interest and orient them to the best way to resonate with them.

We’ve spun around the web and gathered statistics that may help marketers in 2019.

Let’s dive in!

1- Social media & marketing marriage: So far so good? 

According to Buffer, in 2019 the number of marketers who are satisfied with their experience with social media marketing grew to 73%.

At first, deemed fun-oriented, these platforms have managed to become real marketing assets for business.

We may cite as an example the experience of Lush UK which announced earlier this year that they would cease using social media because they are, to use their words, “tired of fighting algorithm”. But, they soon resumed their activities on Social media.

2- Social platforms turning into marketplaces

In a slow, but sure pace, social platforms are shifting their purpose from informative to commercial.

Social media stands out from other marketing and communication media by offering client proximity and an all-in-one space to discover and share their experience with the product or service.

This differs widely from one country to another, but we’re heading towards the commercialization of social platforms.

3- Mobile is in the new social media users’ best connecting channel

Now, this is a valuable piece of information for you marketers! 

Most of your potential clients probably come across your ads or content posts while scrolling via their mobile.

This is your chance to grab their attention, make sure your text is readable via mobile, and your message is catchable in one glance!

4- Some content formats are more appreciated than the others

2019 is a video content year par excellence!

Walkers Sand has confirmed it via a study it has published a couple of months ago.

Content creation is an important section in social media marketing because it includes a deal of decision making in the process.

Determining the typology of your posts is a part of your strategy that needs to be grounded on a firm strategy.

5- Is social video the new trend? 

Videos are getting massive viewership on Facebook. They’ve become a major stimulus of interactions and engagement.

A trend has emerged in such a fast pace. Social Videos is present in every social marketing strategy, and deservingly so!

Social video marketing is becoming the new investment ground for social platforms and marketers.

According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year. 

On Twitter it is not any less important:

45% of Twitter users want to see more videos from celebrities.

90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device. 

Over to you, any other social media statistics seem impactful in 2019?


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