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Social Media Manager: Golden tips for an efficient kickoff!

Got a new job as a social media manager? Here’s you step-by-step guide on how you should proceed!

You can’t start elaborating social media content for a business you’re still discovering. In order to start communicating for a business, you have to identify its audience, its specificity, along with the company’s objectives.

1- Analyse the current company’s social media performance

The evaluation of the existing state of social media will help you set your objectives and how to attain them.

This audit would help you anchor your fit for your new job. You’ll get more and more familiarized with the business strategy, and identify what works and what doesn’t. It is going to be your first step towards shaping the business’ new social media strategy.

2- Familiarize yourself with social media trends

You need to be always up with your industry’s progress rhythm and with social media trends. Try to spot where they coincide. Don’t hesitate to identify what’s trending on social media by sorting reliable sources that provide fresh and original information, then try to identify trends that are consistent with your business.

3- Identify the audience’s needs

Besides the audience analysis, you need to check the audience’s feedback on your brand via the different channels that your audience can leave their comments, messages etc

They’re the best indicator of the brand’s image of your business

This would give you invaluable information about the features of your product that are best appreciated by audience, and which issues users face with the product

In so doing, you can build your crisis management actions, and focalize on axes that are best appreciated by your audience

Find out who your brand is facing in market!

Identify your competitors, and put them under scrutiny. What you’re looking for are :

  1. Whether you have the same audience

  2. Which social networks they’re mostly active on

  3. Their posting frequency 

  4. The typology of their posts 

  5. What are their engagement analytics (interactions, engagement rate, 

5- Spot the best performing content of the brand

For a fruitful process, make a comparison between last year’s performance on analytical platforms both for your blog and social media.

Google analytics is your friend when it comes to your blog, and you may use Kpeiz for pertinent insights about your social media.

Fix the same period of your analysis in last year and the current year, and identify the best posts, copies, CTAs that performed the best in the same period, and compare the two.

Spotting at the best performing social media content will inspire you about what type discourse resonates with your audience. You need to identify the form of the post—the position of  the link? How long is the text?—and the tone of it —was it funny ? Serious? Simple? professional?. Pull out the top 10 or 20 best-performing posts on each social network and put them in a document. You can keep these for inspiration.

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