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Social media management in time of crisis FAQs: community management, automation, Ads

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, brands and social media managers alike are confused on how to handle the situation. Coronavirus caught us unprepared. But after taking our time to see, scrutinize and reflect on the situation, we come to you with clear answers you are absolutely in need of right now.

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Should I maintain my community management strategy?

Answer: Yes, but some adjustments are needed to be done.

It’s primordial to maintain your social media presence in this very time of crisis and outspread of Coronavirus. But, your already-made strategy cannot be taken as a hard and fast guideline. No matter who your audience is, you need to adjust your content, tone of voice and community interaction to the needs of your target audience and their daily life during quarantine.

In some cases, it’s deemed wise to reduce your weekly posting frequency

Why ?

  • People are spending their time scrolling up and down on social media platforms. Being lockdown doesn’t merely mean they are using social media for more hours. It does also imply that people have more time to spend scrutinizing your content and responses. It’s an opportune time to show up for them.

  • Your prospects and clients want to have clear answers for their questions. For instance, If you’re running a food brand, customers need to know if you’re ensuring delivery services in this very time of confinement.

  • Social media users are all caught in the vicious circle of fear and anxiety. They have a lot of questions to ask in a general way. Users resort to brands they follow to ask relevant, and irrelevant, queries. You can seize this opportunity to provide tips of advice and educate your audience base. Here lays your expertise in-check. Users will assess your content and comments to weigh the extent to which you can handle topics not directly related to your brand expertise. But, when done well, you will be creating and developing a community around your brand that will give you ROI in the future.

  • Lack of visibility is a big problem in this uncertain time. But you need to know that no tough time has lasted forever. So you should start preparing for your comeback strategy. In fact, if you renounce your social media content strategy and cut off your digital presence, Facebook algorithm might affect your organic post reach and exposure once you resume your digital activity.


  • Social media managers should indulge in creating an editorial chart for community managers in their team. As they are the voice of the brand, they should figure out how to start and carry on discussions held in their pages. Editorial chart includes tone of voice, dos and don’ts, some ready-made answers and a benchmark of your competitors strategies.

  • Pause your scheduled facebook posts and review them thoroughly. Pinpoint the content that can be received during this period and discard the content that can trigger backlash against your brand. According to the latest stats, users are apt to consume more content. Thus, it’s an opportunity to expose your brand to more visibility.

  • Keep an eye on your data. Spot the results of your social media content in real time and adjust it accordingly. In times of crisis, agility is not an option. You need to be quick to spot what works and what doesn’t. Your competitors can be a great source of inspiration. Check their content and results using social media analytics tools like KPEIZ.

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Social Media Rebranding is no longer a priority for the time being…

Answer : wrong !

If you’ve been thinking of or preparing for a social media rebrand, you need to continue working on it in this uncertain time.


  • Whether you’re thinking of a total rebrand or introducing some minor changes, this is the suitable time to mobilize your team to make progress in it. As your team is working remotely, they will be ready to get the work done without being dreadful about it. We know how teams handle this type of project. Being at home and having less load to deal with, they are ready to put all their energy and creativity on your rebranding process.

  • “It is a truth universally acknowledged that your brand is your asset no matter the scope of the crisis”. This wasn’t told by Jane Austen, Remember that book you were forced to read? Well, here is another Austian inspired mantra you should stick to. Avoid hindering your growth and stifling your activities because you’re putting everything on hold till the crisis passes.

  • If you’re handling a brand that has been drastically affected by the coronavirus, maybe it’s time for a temporary rebrand? We can’t deny the impact of covid-18 on small businesses and some sectors. Coming up with off-the-cuff decisions might be scary. But, it’s the time to take risks and come up with solutions. Time Out, a known print magazine and website, adjusted its logo and content to meet its audience needs. As people are invited to stay at home and keep a distance from each other, the magazine couldn’t carry on catering the same content: outdoors activities and bar reviews. Will Gleason, editor of Time Out New York, announced a temporary change from Time Out to Time in.


  • Prioritize your projects. But, make sure not to hold on your rebranding process. Pinpoint the right team to carry on this task or resort to professionals to do the job for you.

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I need to cut off all my social media ads

Answer : Not necessarily !

Not all ads are bad. Neither all of them are well-thought of.


  • It depends on your content. You can run ads related to your services or products but without seeming tone-deaf. It’s a sensitive time and people are all eyes on you. It’s counterintuitive to run an ad related to a business that encourages social interaction or counter-indicative corona measures.

  • Do you have that friend who showed up in your life by a minor gesture of help? Of course you do. The gratefulness you feel towards him/her is so great, right? So why don’t infuse that feeling to your audience? If you feel you can add a value to your target audience, let them know now more than anytime that you’re here to help. It’s a good step to take to build and reinforce your brand awareness.


Should I continue the automation of my brand?

Answer: If it’s not adjusted to the current situation, don’t!


  • It’s a tough time. People are locked in their houses not knowing what the future holds for them and their beloved. Brands have to follow the best practices to communicate in the time of crisis.

  • Social media brought up ethics and morality to the table. Your audience will remember your social media content and how you dealt with them.


  • Change your content for it to provide help and value to your audience.

  • Implement white-glove solutions without seeming pushy or opportunistic.

These were the most frequently asked questions from our clients, marketers and brand owners.

If you have any question hovering in your mind unanswered, ask us in the comment section below.

And don't forget to keep your spirits up and stay safe!

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