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Social Media Insights on the Automobile Brands in Jordan

The automotive industry has always put a large emphasis on marketing and have been during the last couple of years by showcasing their new products and boosting sales via social media as part of their overall advertising strategies.

Global Automobile brands in Jordan made it their mission to tailor content that goes in perfect harmony with the local culture.

Automobile Brand Communities Sizes

The community size is not homogeneous among the different brands in the sector. The number of fans is strongly unequal. While Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan are on the top with hundreds of thousands of fans, other brands like Citroen, BWD, infinity, and great wall motors have only tens of thousands of fans.

Typology of posts

Viewing it from afar, typology of posts depends on the brand’s sector. The axis of social media activity in the automobile sector is rather showy, with the aim of showcasing the new vehicles. If we take the three top brands in the sector we find the distribution of posts          as follows:

Noticeably, auto industry brands rely much on videos and photos published in the native format. In so doing, they add a dimension of genuineness to their advertising strategy.

Best posts in terms of the Engagement rate are those of first Mitsubishi Motors:

منا إلكم أحلى هدية.. عروض رمضان ضلت زي ما هيّهاشتر سيارة ميتسوبيشي Outlander 2018 واحصل على عقد صيانة لمدة 3 سنوات او… Publiée par Mitsubishi Motors Jordan sur Dimanche 1 juillet 2018

The post is of a promotional nature, prompting the audience to take advantage of the sustained Ramadan promotion. The engagement rate went up to 9.48

The second best post is that of BMW:

أسعار جديدة مخفضة على سيارات BMW الهجينة الكهربائية. للمعلومات اتصلوا على 065803090 أو زوروا معارضنا في شارع مكة. Publiée par BMW Jordan (Abu Khader Automotive) sur Dimanche 15 juillet 2018

It encourages the audience to know more details about a promotion on the BMW Hybrid Cars

Want to explore more sector data? Use our Market Insight feature and add your first sector benchmark.

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