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Set the Ultimate Checklist before you Post

Preparing a checklist before you post is a step that you should never overlook. Any minor mistake can and undermine your overall efforts; and would require a corrective plan.

But it’s easily avoidable!

Does it meet my objectives?

Social media efforts shouldn’t be invested for fun!

Your posts need to be created in order to meet pre-set goals aligned with your strategy!

Asking questions like, what is the main goal, or what are your present business needs? Do you need to work on your notoriety or promoting your business, driving conversions?

You need to orient your content towards an objective and check before you post whether your post can allow you to meet the goal you’ve set.

The best way to highlight your objective is to highlight with an appropriate call to action.

  1. Am I writing effective CTAs?

Let me remind you of the definition of CTA to proceed on this ground:

Simply put, CTA or Call to Action, is when you invite your audience to take an action.

It is the last stepping-stone before conversion.

CTA is the last piece of content you deliver to your audience to convert them into customers, and on another level to test whether your social media efforts would eventually pay off.

Was your content convincing enough for your audience? Clicks on the CTA could give you the answer!

And that’s where its importance resides.

The CTA, itself, needs to be carefully crafted!

Basically, a CTA serves to boost your business. The number of clicks along with bounce is an indicator a good digital marketing strategy. A successful CTA will get you more clicks, more clicks will boost your engagement, and consequently your business.

The best adjective to describe a successful CTA? Persuasive

How do I write a persuasive CTA?

You can track the performance of your CTA, Bitly is your friend!

Don’t think twice about changing it if it’s not working: change includes words, structure, number of words, voice and tone, format and color.

It depends on where you need to place your CTA. If it’s for your blog article or website content: you can switch the font, the colors and see what it may result in.

For more precision, use Kpeiz to keep track of, and monitor the results of your different social media posts including CTAs. And, find out which posts drove more engagement and clicks than the others.

Keep those tips as reminders whenever you’re about to write a CTA:

  1. Use the first pronoun “Me”! As in the example: “Send Me the Guide Now”

  2. Create a sense of immediacy using: now, today, limited

Is it the Ultimate Time to Post

Time is money, but in social media, timing is where the money is!

Picking the perfect time to post can multiply your interactions while posting at the wrong time will cost you engagement.

The more accurate, the better. We have explained here how important this is to widen the reach of your post.

Merely hypothesizing about the right time to post doesn’t help much either. It has proved to be inefficient and takes a lot of time.

The solution is to rely on precise data to help you spot the best time duration your post would be best visible by a wider range of audience.

Error is human, rely on efficient tools for better results

You can make your life easier by accessing tools, and plug-ins that automatically correct or detect sentences that need reformulating.

Hemingway app and Grammarly will assess the readability of your text and helps you deliver a quality text to your audience. It detects unclear, lengthy sentences, misused words, grammatical errors, etc. Using it is very easy, you just need to copy and paste your text in the Hemmingway app and get your feedback straightaway.

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