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What do you need to ask to track your Facebook KPIs? Your Ultimate KPI Guide

I only have 5 seconds to catch your attention. I will try to be as clear as possible!

This is a marketing case study that can be likened to an audit of a Facebook page: An internal assessment and a competitive analysis. It is important to read this article to the end: You may be unaware of the problems it unveils!

Create an editorial charter, publish, follow a campaign, analyze … then?! Track your Facebook KPIs.

Are my statistics good?

To have an answer, it is essential to follow the key performance indicators of your Facebook page such as the number of fans, interactions, the total reach … etc.

Let’s make things simple! I will put myself in the shoes of a car brand.

I will, like most marketers, use Facebook Insights to analyze the data for the current month and compare it to those recorded over the last month. Well, it works!

There I will try to compare the performance of my page to that of the same month of last year! Oops “You Can not choose a range longer than 6 months”

No worries!

If Facebook offers a lot of features natively, API solutions save time and put the numbers in the right context. Third party tools help you track your Facebook KPIs on a wide range of time. Kpeiz is one of the solutions that provide fairly detailed statistics on the period of its choice! If you are curious to test it, you can now register for free and explore its various features. The question now is: would that be enough to outperform me? No. Let’s see what happens to my competitors!

What is my position in a specific market ?

Just like you, your business evolves in its own universe called “the market”. Your positioning must be defined according to the competition and the position that your brand occupies in its sector of activity. The benchmarking module of Kpeiz has an overview, composed of a panel of diversified sectoral averages! In my case, it is the “Morocco Automobile” benchmark that interests me.

My study is operated between January 1st and August 31st on 24 brands. Let’s explore some numbers together!

How often do I post?

publication frequency around 124 would be good. Many pages are created solely to look good. However, it is essential to living his Facebook page. Beyond this figure, it can annoy my audience, unlike the telecommunication sector whose average is equal to 514. Remember that what is valid for one industry is not necessarily valid for another!

Is my page interactive? 

The higher the number of interactions, the more the algorithms will give visibility to your content. As you can see, the sector average is 117,568, while mine is only 79,000 despite a progress of 20% compared to the same period in 2017! I must try to be more original in my posts!

How popular is my page?

It is surely not by inviting all the friends of their friends that these brands managed to develop their community with an average of 17,919 new fans! As for my “Fanbase”, it has increased by 11,540! I am seriously thinking of launching a fan recruitment campaign!

Benchmark, analyze, improve!

As we have seen, self-diagnosis is not enough! Facebook fan engagement can be tricky. Based on rather human feedback, it may vary by industry, target countries, and the demographic and cultural environment of the fans. Don’t forget that benchmarking is an ongoing evaluation process, start yours with Kpeiz and stand out!

Visualize your data and track your Facebook KPIs using KPIEZ.

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