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Our Pro Tips to Resonate with your Audience

Managing all of your social networks is an ongoing challenge for your business. In order to resonate with your audience to the limit, the best way is to know it better.

In order to so you need first to collect the demographic and behavioral data of your audience, and on a second step, to create content that speaks to them.

In this article, we will help identify your target audience and help you reach out!

Let’s dive in!

Identify your Audience

If there’s a way that would ease conversion, it must be targeting the right audience. The process of orienting the right content towards the right users should not be random.

The more accurate and personalized your strategy is, the further you would succeed in converting your audience into buyers.

  1. Detect preferences

When you know which type of posts your audience react the most to, and the best timing that you can reach the maximum of them, you can easily improve your strategy. Then, you would quit spending too much time on posts that attract the least of the audience’s interests, and post when you know they’re reachable.

  1. Craft your Buyer Persona

Narrowing down your potential buying profiles to the Buyer persona is of magnitude.

You need to walk into your customers’ shoes in order to attract them or to build terms of loyalty with them. In order to do that, you would need to know who they are:

Spot where they’re from: recognizing the geographic localization of your fans allows you to customize your posts and orient them according to the local specificities of the region:

Identify the age and gender:  this would give you insights on the type of content you need to include. For example, it allows you to identify the tone and the type of language you should use (funny, serious…)

  1. Spot your audience level of implication with your content

Knowing how far your posts propagated is very important to know whether your strategy is on the right track or not.

Having access to the virality rate of your posts and the rate of those who are implied helps you categorize your audience into ready for conversion, and requiring further awareness.

Spot the Perfect Time to Post

Bumping up the engagement and reach on Facebook is the haunting objective of all digital marketers. They tend to put all ingredients in the recipe: good subject matter along with a catchy title, but they don’t give much interest to the timing of posting.

Well, it’s not exaggerated to say that boosting the visibility of your post resides in timing. Not seizing the right moment to publish is unjust towards your post and wouldn’t get it the visibility it deserves.

Merely hypothesizing about the right time to post doesn’t help much either. It has proved to be inefficient and takes a lot of time.

The solution is to rely on precise statistics to spot the best time duration your post would be best visible by a wider range of audience.

Kpeiz makes it simple for you: it gives you instant access to the progression of interactions between your page and its fans per day and per hour. In so doing, you know exactly which day is best for which type of posts and which is the ultimate time to reach as many users as possible.

Let’s take a popular page in Lebanon as an example. Kpeiz gives you the actual number of interactions per day and per hour:

It’s a 100% efficient way here to know when to publish and promote posts precisely only by reading the figures. And, it makes the marketers’ lives way easier.

Build your Social Media Brand Voice

Setting up your strategy is an essential step to anchor your brand identity on social media, but you should find a voice that speaks you in the best light. Not doing so develops the risk of having numerous tones and subsequently losing your audience.

In order to do so, you need to establish a common thread that puts in perfect harmony the components of your brand voice.

What you need to put inconsistency are the following four elements:

  1. Persona: Friendly, Helpful, professional…

  2. Language: Complex, plain, serious, simple, fun

  3. Tone: Honest, funny, modest straight-forward

  4. Purpose: Entertain, Educate, Engage, Inform, Sell

You don’t need to shape a brand voice that will be unheard by your audience. Your voice needs to be clear and directly identifiable by your audience.

The perfect way to start is to think of a few adjectives that describe your brand and extend your thoughts to other expressive words related to the same initial adjective.

Once done, you need to set an action plan of the direct actions to define your voice relying on the figure above.

In other words, you need to apply your brand voice to your social strategy media. It serves to add more accuracy to the progress of targeting your audience.

Then, make sure that your the brand voice is conveyed in the message, and there is perfect accordance between your strategy, your brand voice, and the copywriting process.

Over to you, you need now to work out relevant content that responds to your audience’s expectations. Get them to interact, and make bigger possibilities of conversion!

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