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Optimizing or not optimizing? That’s the question!

Do we overstate optimization if we say that it is the key for marketers to invest their budget in the profitable spots!

Let’s talk logic, ladies, and gents!

Your marketing efforts will keep paying off and your brand-customer relation will be constantly evolving, and so should your marketing strategy.

Each stage in this progress would require personalized marketing efforts to keep up with your audience’s engagement with you.

Simply put: optimizing your strategy is no longer optional because it is a constant process of personalization.

In order to do so, you need to go through basic steps:

  1. Identify your audience

OK, we may have mentioned this a couple of times. But, we can’t highlight it enough!

Sorting your audience according to specific categories will help you work out the suitable content to each and develop your product according to their preferences.

  1. Fix relevant Kpis

Setting your objectives will ease the task of setting your key performance indicators, relying on which you will fine-tune your action plans to make them attainable.

Measuring your ROI (return on investment) while taking into consideration your pre-set objectives along with the advertising costs would be a good starting point to optimize the ROI at each stage to make sure that money is spent in a profitable spot.

  1. Audit your Social Media performance

Assessment should be both internal and external:

  1. On an internal level: by supervising your presence on social media with the aim of analyzing successes and contextualizing the weaknesses.

  2. On an external level: by recognizing your standpoint vis-à-vis your competitors and supervising their presence on social media

  1. Good content + good timing is a perfect formula!

On the one hand, to keep up with trends in your sector, you need to know what’s trendy out there!

To recognize what the public wants, you may rely on best performing posts in your sector (yours or those of the competition)

Google Trends can also be your friend!

These data-driven insights would be a stimulus of new ideas that respond to the audience’s queries. In so doing you would save time and efforts to find out efficient ideas.

On the other hand, boosting the visibility of your post resides in timing. Not seizing the right moment to publish is unjust towards your post and wouldn’t get it the visibility it deserves.

Hypothesizing about the right time to post doesn’t help much either. It has proved to be inefficient and takes a lot of time. The solution is to rely on precise statistics to spot the best time duration your post would be best visible by a wider range of audience.

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