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After the Match: Mo Salah the Social Mania!

Whether you’re a Football fan or not, you must have heard of Mo Salah lately. He has caught a great deal of attention following his performance at the Champions League, and soon won the title “The Egyptian King”.

Well, aren’t you curious to know how fans reacted to yesterday’s match?

Let’s put his Facebook page under the loop and have an in-depth analysis of the audience’s behavior on his official page via Kpeiz.

Likes and Fans progression: Huge Strides!

What is striking here is that the progression of the performance indicators on the page goes in parallel with the champions’ league events.

The number of fans and of likes made an eye-catching progress by 10 000 fans during the 17th and the 18th April, three days after the Liverpool Match of the 14th.

And it doesn’t get any less surprising.

The number of new fans grew from 8 403 042 on the 22nd to 8 448 666 on the 23rd April. In other words, 45 624 people followed the football star’s page in the lapse of 24 hours. And has risen to 8 552 915 on the April the 24th: 104 309 fans have liked the page the day the match.

It is important to add that this coincides with two important factors: the match of Liverpool Vs Roma, and Mohamad Salah’s selection as the PFA player of the year. We can safely say that Mo was doubly-awarded. Along with the prize, he seems to have reached out to many hearts who translated their love on social Media.

Let’s dive deeper!

Fans Reactions: Unparalleled Soaring

Last night’s match was definitely wow-inducing which was translated on Facebook: the interaction axe soared during the last couple of days: the number of likes went as far as 525 669. The chart below shows the reactions’ progress:

We can easily notice that fans react the most by liking or loving the post:

The engagement rate has risen sky high yesterday as well in a proportional parallel with the interactions rate:

The Egyptian king’s reign is rapidly spreading on social media. Stay tuned on Kpeiz to see how things will go until the next match in Rome!

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