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Marketing via Facebook Stories: the Whys and Hows!

However socially-oriented, Facebook posts are limited by the boundaries of a pre-planned strategies.

Many companies decided to break off from all the carefully pre-set Facebook tactics and to go with the flow catching up the trend of Facebook stories.

No biggie, the use of Facebook stories is not a total break from the regular Facebook posts, it is complementary to your Facebook strategy and showcases more about you and your company.

What are Facebook stories and what benefits can companies extract from them?

What are Facebook stories and what are their basic features?

If you’re familiar with Stories on Instagram and Snapchat, it’s pretty much the same.

Basically, it’s either a photo or an up-to 20 seconds video taken with a smartphone camera that are automatically deleted in 24 hours.

Be a creative storyteller: switch up filters, and pick patterns, stickers, GIFs, or texts that are in harmony with the story’s theme.

Play on colors to make it catchy for the user to stay till the end of it, and add your company’s official colors to the mix to familiarize the viewer with them. It would be useful to include the geotag of your company on the storyboard.

You can have instant access to the number of views and interact with your audience who can react to your story.

You can also include a (CTA) call to action to refer the viewer to a particular post.

Experiment the things you know may resonate with your audience. Use your Facebook KPI to figure out what type of content you should be crafting.

Why should you start making use of Facebook stories in your marketing strategy?

The main advantage of stories is to break the ice with your audience and reveal the human side of your business.

Practically, you would showcase the behind-scenes of your work and team in a funny and friendly way

Remember that stories are the first thing a Facebook user sees when they enter the platform: it’s on the very top of the page on the top of the timeline.

Using a Facebook story would grant you extra visibility.

You can include a glance at a new post to orient users to it, put sneak peeks of a new product to arouse the viewer’s curiosity to know more about it, or include some pictures of an event organized by your team.

Including Facebook stories is very easy: you can either import them automatically from Instagram if you have a business profile: you can simply go to « settings » and turn « Share Your Story to Facebook » on.

Otherwise, you can add your story directly on Facebook following the steps below:

  1. Go to « Create a Story »

  2. Include the content: either by uploading it or creating it instantly. Decorate it.

  3. Click on « add the story » and that’s it!

It’s funny, it’s easy and it costs nothing, so if you haven’t done it yet, it’s high time you did!

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