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Make your Business Stand Out with these Instagram Stories Hacks

Many Instagram tricks in 2019, that you can easily make, go unseen. Their benefits to your engagement with your community are, however, valuable. 

Well, we’ve unveiled 5 of Instagram stories hacks for 2019!

1-  Incorporate your brand’s font in your stories

it’s always better to make your content branded on all your marketing channels

How to?

1- Download the Over app 

2- Airdrop your font.OFT to your mobile

3- Pick “Over” on the menu

That’s it!

2- Edit the color or the info displayed in a sticker 

That sticker fits perfectly with your theme, but its colors don’t match. No biggies, change it.

How to?

1- Select the sticker

2- click on it to change the color/ Info

3-  Light up the mood with music that suits the theme

Music speaks louder than words!

How to?

1- on “MUSIC” in your Instagram Menu

2- Pick the right soundtrack: you can search by mood, genre, specific song/singer names etc.

3- You may choose a specific point where the song starts

4- Hide your Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your stories may make more visible. But, it may make your story somewhat unaesthetic. 

Let’s keep them unseen, shall we?

How to?

1- Make them the smallest you can

2- Place a GIF or a sticker that hides the hashtag text

5- Add a shadow effect on the text in your story

Efficiency lies in the smallest details

how to:

1- Set your background and write the text 

2- Rewrite the same text in the same size but in a different color

3- Slightly deviate it from the central axis of your initial text

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