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Make Golden Social Media Posts out of your Blog Content!

We always look for content material to drive more engagement.

Often, we need a data-driven strategy to set my weekly planning, finding golden content would be a very hard process.

To make things simple, we could rely sometimes on our previous successful blog content, to dig for engaging posts.

It would be pretty simple. You go back to previous blog reports and find out which was the most engaging content, then turn that content into social media posts.

And that’s when Sofiene, our talented designer, needs to intervene with some tips.

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not content is not design, it’s decoration.

While you’re going through your previous blog posts, you will come across timeless content that drove noticeable interaction with your audience.

The idea is to tailor the cotent to be conveyed visually instead of textually.

The first trick is to pick interesting statistics that you’ve used in your case studies and turn them into graphs.

Eg: 5 million Facebook users belong to children -10

Here, the key words were highlighted, and the choice of the color is important, it recalls Facebook’s color.

In order to decide the color scheme, you just need to back to your social media analysis tool to find out which posts were the best appreciated.

Key takeaway: with numbers, the simpler, the better to set the focus on the number and the conveyed message. Overcrowding your post with visuals won’t lead to the same effect.

Our second advice is to add icons that highlight what your post is about.

You may also get rid of the text in the post and just keep the icon if it translates the meaning. It would be of great benefit especially if you’re planning to advertise the post.

Eg: Compare the two example:

Overcrowding the post with text will be visible to your audience who would more likely keep scrolling.

Replacing words with an emoticon and reducing the text to a minimum will make it more noticeable by your audience.

Key takeaway

I’ll start first with a key fact, social media audience wouldn’t stop scrolling unless a specific post arouses their interest.

The trick is to deliver your message in the post in a way that make it understandable at first sight.

In order to do this, you need to reduce the text at the expense of images and graphs especially if the post will be sponsored

In times of crisis, you have immediate content to publish, and you can’t rely on your designer, you have two simple options:

  1. Use Canva: very easy to use, and gives you quality results!

  2. Go on stock photo websites: it’s the fastest way, with fine quality images. Pick an image that revolves around your content’s topic. What to look for? Abstract, or images with catchy colors!

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