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Last Minute Ideas For The New Year

Marketing games offer you the opportunity to meet your different strategic goals ( brand promotion, product awareness, lead generation, conversion, brand loyalty, data collection or opinion survey, etc.) in a funny and effective way.

Here we present 4 ideas of marketing games to engage and captivate your audience. No matter in which sector you’re active, you can get inspired by these concepts!

1) Engaging Marketing Games:

  • The staple of Christmas: Advent Calendar

It’s impossible for some brands to miss the Advent Calendar. This very year, you should start your advent calendar earlier than usual in order to engage more with your audience.

An interesting example you can follow and get inspired by is the French publishing house J’ai Lu.

This brand always makes sure to start as early as the first of December and showcase its products. Every day, participants discover a new product and have the chance to enjoy discounts on a certain range of products.

But other brands opt for a few day advent calendar to adopt with the delay.

  • The Instant Scratch

In every bad situation there is an element of good. And, this saying goes with ecommerce websites this year 2020. While business got hurt by the corona restriction, some ecommerce websites witnessed a higher traffic and a great boost in online sales.

For those who weren’t that successful, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Some interactive and engaging games can be used to boost your traffic and propel users to buy. Your website can be turned into a playground.

The Instant Scratch can be combined with Santa Claus to create an interesting game on your website. Users would be invited to help Santa Claus to snow off his sleigh and distribute gifts. If the sleigh is completely snowed off; the player discovers if there is a gift for him or not.

This way you will make your clients happy if they win and tempted with the showcased products if they don’t.

  • Wheel of Fortune

It’s too basic? NO! Use the Christmas crown as a wheel of fortune and let your followers play each day to win a gift each day. You can use this game in your social media feed, encouraging people to screenshoot the result. Or better, you can use it on the website in order to boost your traffic and get the data you need for retargeting.

2) Quizzes and Questions

Quizzes are a great way to be different and to advance a highly engaging content. With the abundant content crossed by users, it’s all the more difficult to attract them and make them interact with your content or propel them to follow your CTA.

  • Quiz to choose the right gift:

This year, we are more caring about our loved ones. Users are humans just like marketers. Although this nerve-wracking situation is driving us crazy, we have this never-ending desire to show our love to people we didn’t see for months and to express our gratitude to those who were close to us throughout these hard times. But, finding the right gift to fully express our strong feelings.

Create a quiz for users to pick the right gift. Use some scientific and psychological fact combined to a funny touch to promote each product to the exact target audience.

  • Quiz Christmas Edition:

Spread the spirit of Christmas and create a quiz inspired from the world of christmas and celebrations. You can share some interesting facts or bizarre practices people do at this time of the year. Make sure to make it relevant to your business and create a smooth transition to the quiz so your followers don’t feel like they were missing something.

  • The Secret Word :

Let your followers travel despite the travel restrictions. We don’t mean to encourage you to break the rule. Travel can be done mentally! And this what we mean. In a situation where we can only imagine ourselves elsewhere, it would be great to create a game where we practice this desire. Let them answer the questions you collect in order to know what is the best place they should go to when all of this is over.

If you’re in the hospitality or travel sector, you can go on lengths and create a sophisticated game.

3) Tutos

No matter how many tuto videos people watch, they seem to never get tired of them! Seize this opportunity to infuse the spirit of Christmas in your videos to educate your audience and let them know your product and how it’s used.

You can create videos of recipes, lifestyle, decoration, etc.

4) User Generated Content

  • Photos

Encourage your followers to share photos featuring your products and make a tempting gift for the one who comes up with the most beautiful picture. This is a great way to retain your customers.

If you don’t mind not having your products on these pictures, you can make a contest about the best christmas tree or the best christmas gift. You can set the right mechanism to make this work. You can dedicate a facebook status for this and have people commenting with their photos. Pick up the most liked photo and reward the person who posted it.

  • Videos:

Video contests are very engaging. With the increase in using reels, people have developed creative skills on how to make funny and engaging videos without investing a lot of efforts and time. You can tailor the content of the video or the guidelines according to your services, products and target. Don’t forget to give interesting gifts for the most creative videos.

  • Text :

“Caption this” is a great contest to test the creativity of your audience. Active followers will write funny captions about a picture you put on your stories or your feed. You can reward them with a discount coupon or a free shipping offer.

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