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Kpeizers Space: In a Business Intelligence intern’s Shoes!

digital internships remain an important step in the training of tomorrow’s future professionals. Imen, Business Intelligence student, shares with us her experience to better understand one of the most important domains in the digital world.

Q:Hello Imen, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

A: My name is Imen Ayari. I’m 22 years old. I’m a business Intelligence graduate from the Higher Institute of Management of Tunis. I have happened to realize my big passion for data and analysis, I have decided to continue my path in Data Science in the same institute as a masters degree student. I live by the thrive of knowledge, challenges, and new adventures.

Q:As a student, being introduced to the professional sphere through internships, how did you live the experience? 

A: Internships, just like any professional commitment have some downsides as to waking up early at summer time while everyone is still enjoying the warmth of their beds.

Fortunately for some, myself included, find comfort in the workplace.

I truly enjoyed “my stay” for the summer at Kpeiz for both personal and professional reasons regardless of the burden of Public transportation every morning.

I have met the most beautiful and genuinely kind-hearted people of all time. 🙂

I cannot pass by this without thanking Kpeiz founders; who were professionally ultimate and humanly kind to me and all the other co-workers.

Q:Any experience can impact us for sure, what about the professional side of the experience?

A: As for the professional aspects, I was lucky to work in one of the first startups in Tunisia to challenge the lack of the digital culture in Tunisia and to put a heart and soul in developing tools to re-educate Marketers and businesses about digitalizing the surveillance and keeping up with competitors.

I came across the business during my Graduation project as I was a Business Intelligence student and worked around e-reputation in Social Media and I found inspiration and aspiration to further explore the heart of the business and luckily it only raised my hopes up. 🙂

Q:Thank you Imen, we wish the best of luck!

A: My brief experience with Kpeiz ended with a lot of affection and respect for the whole hard-working bees and as I’ve got free delicious cake, I can only put a star right next to Kpeiz to my to-be-long list of internships and professional experiences

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