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kpeiz Wins the Great User Experience and the Rising Star 2018 Award for Social Media Management Soft

kpeiz is proud to announce that it got two distinguished awards from FinancesOnline.

The leading review website is the destination of businesses when it comes to finding a software solution that functions for their best benefit, and kpeiz scored as high as 8.0!

In their kpeiz features review, FinanceOnline admits that our software is “an easy-to-use performance monitoring tool that lets you save time in trying to understand how well your social media accounts have been doing in different metrics.”

Along with acknowledgement of kpeiz’s simplified performance monitoring, FinancesOnline also confirmed the accuracy of its statistics, and how “kpeiz helps you…by providing you with accessible benchmarking tools that highlight your strengths and weaknesses against those of your competitor.”

The review and FinancesOnline’s social media management guide listed many benefits that marketers could extract from kpeiz, which range from data contextualization, to automated reports and time-based comparison.

Among the many advantages of using kpeiz against the top social media management software in the market is its top posts discovery; in the sense that our tool helps find the top-performing posts allowing its users to outperform their competitors. FinancesOnline also highlighted our platform’s updated and the quick optimization, saying “kpeiz can display the bests and the worsts of your social media posts in a few seconds. Insights you gain from this can help you leverage your fortress to increase your fan interactions.“

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