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Kpeiz Arrives In Cairo, the Largest City in Africa and the Middle East!

We are pleased to announce that Kpeiz is expanding and is opening a new office in Cairo to reinforce its presence in the Egyptian market.

Founded in 2016, Kpeiz is a young innovative company that offers a tool for social networks management and analysis (SAAS), intended for brands and agencies.

The startup has raised funds with United Gulf Financial Services (UGFS) in 2018, and focused on expanding into Africa and the Middle East.  Located in Zamalek, in the heart of Cairo, the office is hosting a local team that will be assisted by the Tunisian team in order to build proximity and give our clients and partners a quality presence.  “During last year, Kpeiz was present in Egypt, and has built partnerships with a certain number of companies. Located at the crossroads of Africa and Asia, Egypt offers a strategic location for the opening of our first office, after Tunisia. The choice, at the same time deliberate, and natural, has become necessary to pave the way for our development in the region.”  so commented Wael Aouididi, CEO of Kpeiz.

“Besides, Egypt is ranked the 1st Arab country in terms of Facebook users with 38 million users, and around 6 million Facebook page administrators. Given these numbers, our social networks analysis and management tool is perfectly set to respond to a more and more rising demand.”

2018 was rich in experiences, all more exciting than the others. Great challenges are awaiting our teams who will be happy to assist our customers wherever they are.

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+216 22 560 310

To know more, visit Kpeiz.digital


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