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Instagram Reach VS Instagram Impressions Explained

When you switch from a personal Instagram account to a professional one, you have a myriad of statistics to deal with. Among these statistics, you would certainly have two confusing statistics:” impressions” and “reach”.

These two terms are always confusing for newbies. And, that’s why we dedicated a seperate blog article for it. Every digital marketer needs to grasp the difference between reach and impression to be able to measure instagram performance effectively.

1) What does instagram impression mean ?

Impressions refer to the total number of times your posts were seen by Instagram accounts. By accounts, we mean both the accounts following you and the other ones that stumble upon your content on the explore section or other. Indeed, users can find your content in many different ways: hashtags, profile visits, or explore sections. No matter how users find you, impressions include the number of times your posts or stories were shown including the times where your content was viewed by one account several times.

That is, impressions don’t only include unique views.

2) What does Instagram reach mean?

Reach refers to the number of views you get by unique accounts. In fact, no matter how great your content is or how much you spend to boost your posts, your content wouldn’t be displayed on every user’s feed.

For this very specificity of reach, there is usually a big difference between the number of impressions and that of reach because some users would see your content several times. Thus, reach is a great indicator that allows you to judge your performance.

3) What does each one of them tell you?

Instagram reach is a metric you should track to measure your brand awareness. The more reach you have, the more your brand is seen, identified and known. Increasing your reach may be one of your top priorities when you craft your social media content strategy.

In order to increase your reach, you may pay more attention to:

  • Posting frequency: the more you’re active the more algorithm falls in love with you.

  • Posting hours: posting in the right time where the great part of your followers is online is a key factor in increasing your reach.

  • User generated content: sharing the content of users and tagging them can help you expand the scope of your presence.

As a metric, Instagram impressions is important to track to assess the value of your content. If your content is interesting, users would watch or check it more than one time. Impressions can guide you to create a better content based on the posts or stories with high impressions-to-reach ratio. Track this metric to better your content strategy and optimize your posts.

Having a good grasp on these two metrics is essential for every professional on social media. Getting out of the confusion caused by the nuances of both terms will drive you to drawing the accurate conclusions.

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