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Insights on the progressing number of fans in the Telecom Sector in Egypt

The number of fans in the telecom sector has increased by 29 754 new fans during June to reach an average total number of fans of 7 351 213. And, it’s getting more and more attention.

The world cup along with the Ramadan season were major contributors to the growth of the number of fans. One thing is sure, when the big game season starts, fans fall into two categories: those coming for the game and those coming for the ads.

Facebook community growth of WE:

WE, is on the top when it comes to the number of new fans. Diving a bit deep into Kpeiz data in telecom sector in egypt shows that the span of the new fans’ number increased mainly from the 9th to the 19th June.

This period coincides with the start of the game in the world cup for Egypt. The number started growing on the 9th, the day of Egypt Vs Russia. The brand made as its mission to launch a supporting campaign for the Egyptian team.

The campaign largely contributed to the visible increase in the number of fans.

The number of posts is among the major factors that contribute to the growth of the number of fans. Each post would guarantee new reach axes and in turn new fans.

In this sense, compared to the other telecom brands, WE, shared the most before the first match and in between the other matches.

The campaign remained ongoing before the first match and after the second match.

WE, set its focus mainly on the world cup in its last campaigns because it was the official brand partner of the Egyptian team in the international competition. It maintained its campaign until the last match. This explains why it attracted more fans than its competitors.

To spot the major posts that contributed to this increase are identifiable by the clickable points in the graphics curve.

Facebook community growth of Vodafone and Etisalat Misr:

For other brands like Vodafone and Etisalat Misr, the strategy is different: the thematic axes of their posts oscillated between Ramadan campaigns and the World Cup which explained why their two graphic curves were already in progress from the start of June:

Vodafone adopted a Mega mixed campaign between Ramadan and the world cup: the two themes were fused in their commercial and Facebook Ads, the number of new fans escalated by 27 795 that period.

The Takeaway:

Key occasions during the year should be highlighted by marketers in advance to set up the proper strategies and campaigns to refine the voice and adjust the tone that would attract the right audience.

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