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Making it to the top is the quest of every marketer investing time and efforts on crafting branded content.

Kpeiz in many sectors decrypt success by evaluating their performance over the year.

In this article, we unveil the top 5 winning campaigns in the auto sector in Ghana during 2018.

Spotting the best-performing campaigns will lead brands to identify the trending content. In so doing, brands competing in the same sector would make a couple of changes accordingly.

Let’s dive in!

The best peroforming campaigns in the Auto sector in Ghana:

As a first step, a Ghanian auto brand needs to compare its insights to these average sectoral benchmarks to situate itself above or below average during 2018.

Posting frequency is also a KPI that needs to be tracked, it determines whether you need to rely on more content to solidify your presence depending on the sector.

In order to position your brand in the market, you need to take your analysis one step further and find out whether you are interactive enough, better or less than competitors.

Many marketers link the efficiency of a Facebook page to the engagement rate.

Success is measured by the engagement of its community. There are two ways in this sense to calculate the engagement rate

On Facebook, the engagement rate is the ratio between the reach and the number of interactions received. The scope is the number of people who have seen at least one post on your page. The interactions on Facebook that are generally taken into account are likes, clicks, shares, and comments.

All in all, this analysis is important for marketers to keep track of competitors’ activities and define their own KPIs

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