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Insights on the Engagement Rate in the telecom Sector in Egypt

We don’t exaggerate if we say that the engagement rate is the most important metric for social media marketers. It measures your audience’s level of engagement with the content you share on social media and answers the question, is my content engaging enough?

The most engaging Egyptian brands in the telecom sector

Let’s find out which were the most engaging brands in the telecom sector in Egypt

The graphic below shows the peaking variations of the engagement rate for Etisalat Misr. Not only does it show the posts with the best engagement rates, but also the time periods with the least engagement rates. This would help a lot in finding what went wrong and fixing it.

The Takeaway

Engagement rate is a very important metric to keep track of. It will help know how relevant your content is to your audience and ground your decisions vis-a-vis your strategy on data. Speaking with date will definitely make your pitch way more professional and accurate.

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