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Insights on the Best Posts in the Telecom Sector in Egypt during the Last Semester!

The telecom sector is a very competitive business: telecom brands are on a constant race to take advantage of all potentials. Ramadan followed by the world cup present key opportunities to find their way to more customers’ hearts and minds.

Spotting the best ads in a particular sector is of magnitude; it will help analyze the factors that pushed some posts to the top and pulled others back.

the best posts during the span of the first semester of this year:

As we’ve come just came to the end of the first half of 2018, we chose to analyze the best posts during the span of the first semester of this year.

The best posts as far as the number of interaction goes were during Ramadan: some were solely about the holy month like Etisalat Misr and Orange.

This latter relied mostly on emotional appeal and celebrity endorsement: the combination of the color choices along with the theme seems to have added the secret ingredient to win the audience’s hearts.

Etisalat Misr relied on a musical comedy-like campaign: involving celebrities and crafting funny lyrics was the recipe that contributes to the commercial’s success.

Both the posts are part of the brands’ Ramadan campaigns which were launched more or less at the same time.

The next best posts are both Vodafone posts and are both football-oriented. The first featured Mohamad Salah which guaranteed the audience’s empathy. The other was part of Vodafone’s mixed Ramadan and World cup mega campaign.

The Takeaway

Content is more shareable at key events. Adjusting your content accordingly is a must.

Preparing a harmonious content strategy applicable to these events in advance is the best case scenario to win your campaign.

Want to explore more sector data? Use our Market Insight feature and add your first sector benchmark.

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