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Insights on the most Popular Telecom Ads in the MENA Region this month!

Ramadan is the largest advertising moment in MENA. Marketers tend to innovate their strategies from one year to another to get more and more persuasive, to bond with their audience and induce more customers to use their brand.

Let’s get a glimpse at the posts that rocked on social media in the telecom sector!

1- Touch Lebanon

Many key components are necessary to grab the audience’s attention. Audience in Lebanon for example interacted the most with Touch Lebanon’s ad:

بدّك تربح سفرة لشخصين على مرمريس بالعيد؟ لتشارك لازم تنشر صورة وحدة كلّ يوم على إنستاغرام بشهر رمضان للعيلة أو الأصحاب… Publiée par Touch Lebanon sur jeudi 17 mai 2018

First, including a family photo triggers the audience’s emotions by evoking Ramadan’s family ambience. You can also notice that a slightly blueish shade is added on the photo to echo the brand’s blue color.

The icing on the cake would be including a promise of a reward is a very efficient technique to have more interactions with audience.

2- Orange Tunisia

Greed is definitely one of the most efficient motivators in advertising. In Tunisia, Orange’s Ad was on the top applying the appeal to greed approach putting the award in the foreground:

تحبْ تربح Samsung Grand Prime؟ 📱🎁😀كومنتي #GrandPrime من توّا حتى لوقت السحّور بش تدخل في القرعة و تربح إنت التليفون 😍🎊🎉🎈و قد ما تعمل كومنترات قد ما حظوظك في الربح تزيد ✊💪 Publiée par Orange sur vendredi 18 mai 2018

3- Orange Egypt

In Egypt too, Orange’s ad was the one with which audience interacted the most. Many ingredients made the ad a successful one: first, the theme highlighted in the commercial creates emotional connectivity with the viewer.

Celebrity endorsement was a major factor to making the ad on the top: audience often tend to identify themselves with well_known people.

The brand’s color was also hinted at in the celebrities clothing.

اعلان اورنچ رمضان 2018 #جارى_يا_جارى جارك أقرب واحد ليك بس بعيد عنك… اورنچ السنادي هتقربك من جيرانكاشحن انت و جيرانك و كل حبايبك نفس الكارت اكتر من مره و خليه يلف مصر كلها.رمضان كريم عليك و علينا كلنا#جاري_يا_جاري Publiée par Orange sur jeudi 17 mai 2018

4- Zain Jordan

Zain’s ad crowned in the telecom sector in Jordan. It proves that there is no need to include many elements to sollicitate the interaction with audience.

It relied solely on the Emotional appeal:

رسالة زين إلى العالم أخبروا الأطفال ..الحق باق والظلم الى زوال..رسالة زين الى العالم.اضغطوا على الرابط لمشاهدة الإعلان كاملًا:https://youtu.be/JIJB7cv97Dg Publiée par Zain Jordan sur mercredi 16 mai 2018

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