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Ignoring VS monitoring social media

If you are looking for ways to effectively apply customer centricity in your business and you are truly aware that it’s the way to achieve excellence, welcome! you are in the right spot!

If you are not, well.. you are most likely to change your mind at the end of this article.

As we discussed in No more hail mary processes, Benchmarking is the key! ,Benchmarking is the main indicator of a business performance compared to others in the same sector. Monitoring, on the other hand, is all about a brand’s relationship and engagement with its audience.

Wait, am I going too fast? What is social media monitoring exactly?

Well, it is the process of collecting social messages into a single stream and taking a specific action in response to each message (via a like, comment or tasked message). It is a way to improve customer relation and communication; and when implemented properly, it will help in upgrading your brand’s communication pipeline. In the huge web network, it is easy to get lost in the deafening noise of the internet unless you have a strong social media network which is being monitored continuously at all times: Needless to say, it is totally worth your investment!

Advantages of social media monitoring:

  1. Becoming more reachable and approachable to your customer: monitoring social messages allows you to interact with your audience. Furthermore, you will have full exposure to any message needing a reply from users who mentioned or tagged you.

  2. Monitoring the changes happening in your sector so that you can assess what the market actually needs and create it before your competitors.

  3. Knowing who is talking about your brand so that you can join the conversation and make your product look more credible and appreciated.

  4. Improving both service and product by quickly responding to your customer’s queries and by jotting down their feedback.

  5. Implementing brand advocacy and establishing a strong bond with the audience and why not influencers: Their reviews can be used as testimonials to promote your product.

  6. Tracking competitors’ activities to get an overview of the behavior adapted in the market and to avoid certain practices.

  7. Winning back lost customers who lived a bad experience and chose to share it on social media. Your quick response will help mitigate the consequences of their complaints on your brand’s image.

Social media can either forge ahead or squash your business . Do not underestimate the power of monitoring in boosting your operations and making your business a profitable one.

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