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How to reach tight deadlines? Tips and tricks from marketers

The term “deadline” encompasses all the fears marketers and creatives undergo in their career. Its connotation includes a life-or-death situation where everything is at stake. Their skills are at the hands of clock’s ticks. Their client’s loyalty is bound to a quality compounded with an exact date and time. The security of their jobs is shaken by a tight deadline they know sometimes they cannot reach.

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How marketers overcome all this nerve-racking situation and prove able to deliver their tasks and projects at time?

Here are some tips and tricks from marketers on how to make most of your time before buzzer sounds begin.


priority is there in the dictionary for a reason. As a digital account manager, if you cannot spot your priorities and optimize your time to fulfil all of your tasks, you need to learn how to do it. Some clients can be unabashedly stubborn about their unrealistically tight deadlines. If negotiations don’t get as aspired, the team channels all of their energy to split tasks and fix deadlines for each step in the project. To support the workflow process, resort to task management tools. They make it easy to turn each tirring task into an actionable milestone. Meister Task, Slack and Trello are good options for free management tools. (Imen Zarrouk, Account Manager at KNSD)

Automate your task:

Digital accounts managers are responsible for delivering social media plans, calendars and content to the client. Their biggest nightmare starts as the month folds. Reports and monthly recommendations are some of our most tedious tasks. These tasks are time-consuming. Managers need to spend everything else to focus on collecting and analyzing data. Then, they should interpret this data to inform their monthly recommendations. Getting rid of manual tasks will inevitably save you time. You will no longer have your hands full of a lot of tasks. Social analytics tools play a vital role here. And, you can get a tool that doesn’t break your bank account, yet add value to your time and work. Reports will be generated automatically. Recommendation will be done relying on the data you have gathered in one place. You have everything in front of you. You can run fast and be done before your tight deadline. ( Sarra Jundi, Account Manager at Ovation)

Sleep and Eat well:

Tight deadlines have become an inevitable part of digital marketer’s lives. It’s time to get used to them. Leading a healthy lifestyle when you’re in the peak of your stress is vital. Sleeping well and eating healthy will make your brain and body more responsive. Creatives need their brain to operate properly. So, take care of yourself and your body and brain will take care of your tight deadlines. (Chakib Kebsi, Art Director at Ovation)

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