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How is Storytelling Beneficial for Social Media Marketing

Nothing is more discouraging for writers and marketers alike than getting no interactions from their audience.

Well, one thing we all experience as audience is that we get bored by monotonous marketing content. To avoid this, you need to spice it a bit. Storytelling is one of the best tactics to turn your marketing strategy into an enjoyable experience for your readers.

Stand a bit out of your number-based strategy and try to speak to another side of audience’s mind; not the pragmatic,WIIFM perspective; but from another angle. Let’s arouse emotions, and get them to empathize with our brand. Shall we?

People like inspiring stories in which they can identify themselves with some characters. Here are some scientific insights that show the deep impact of storytelling on your audience’s mind:

Figure: How storytelling affects the brain (Eric Garland)

Let’s put this into practice and go through some effective storytelling-based ads to check whether it’s emotionally engaging or not.

The idea is to pick a theme and tell a story that revolves around that theme. You insert smartly your brand in the story. Relying on emotional appeal is always a good tactic to imprint your brand in the customer’s mind.

Last year Vodafone Egypt resorted to storytelling to celebrate Mother’s Day in an original way. The brand gathered 5 stories about mothers making sacrifices for their children.

The unifying theme was evidently mother’s day and although it wasn’t directly advertising for the telecom brand; it was one of the best ads. It earned its success in less than 24 hours with 36k likes and over 2 million views.

Let’s move to a more focused example. A couple of years ago, Airbnb chose to convey its message, or let’s say the basic principle behind its creation through a touching story:

The audience captured the message smoothly as the storyline flows. This made Airbnb adopt storytelling among its basic marketing tactics. Later on, the brand started organizing storytelling event encouraging its audience to interact and share their stories.

Kleenex also adopted the strategy to tell an emotionally engaging real success story and inserted the brand as a detail in the story.

Clearly, the brand relied on the emotional side of its audience’s engagement and associated it with its image. In so doing, the brand made sure that its name, logo and overall image will stay anchored in the public’s mind for a good deal of time.

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